How to Use Hyaluronic Acid for Skin Care

How to Use Hyaluronic Acid for Skin Care

Hyaluronic acid for skin is a powerhouse ingredient that can provide lasting moisture in every step of your beauty routine. That said, the more you know about this ultra-hydrating molecule, the more you’ll be able to use it to your advantage. Here’s everything you need to know.

Before going any further though, let's point something out. This isn't a question of 'Is hyaluronic acid good for your skin', but rather how. There are too many hyaluronic acid benefits for skin to count; a game-changer in more ways than one, it does wonders both on and below the surface.

That's why hyaluronic acid is a core pillar of our eight fundamental ingredients - Meet the Eight Saints today!

What is Hyaluronic Acid for Skin?

Hyaluronic acid is a large molecule that’s naturally found in the skin and throughout the body, including in cartilage, bones, tendons, and ligaments. What's its special power?It can hold 1,000 times its own weight in water, binding to it to help retain moisture in the skin and joints.

does hyaluronic acid do for skin?

Hyaluronic acid is a glycosaminoglycan (that’s a mouthful!) - a powerful substance found naturally in your skin. It's a humectant, meaning that it draws moisture from its surrounding environment.

Hyaluronic acid is an excellent ingredient to add to your skincare routine. It moisturizes using the water that’s already in your body, drawing up moisture from the deep layers of the skin.

And it’s extremely effective: just one gram (0.03oz) of hyaluronic acid can hold up to six liters of water, and it’s capable of binding 1,800 times its own weight in water - whoa!

"But the word acid sounds kind of harsh. Is hyaluronic acid bad for skin in any way?"

No! In fact, this natural ingredient's humectant properties are exactly what your complexion needs to look its best.

A humectant is a substance that draws water into the skin, hair, or nails. When used in skin care, this water may come from deeper layers of tissue or from the air if it is humid enough. Humectants are a light and non-oily way to add hydration to your routine. Common forms include glycerin, urea, AHAs, and hyaluronic acid.

So, what does hyaluronic acid do for your face, scary sounding stuff aside? In one word, miracles. The hyaluronic acid benefits for skin we’ll cover later on are hard to get from any other single ingredient.

Why Is Hyaluronic Acid Good for Your Skin?

Let's dive deeper into that big burning question - what does hyaluronic acid do for your skin?

Well, some of the best benefits of hyaluronic acid include its ability to help with soft tissue growth and prompt your body to make more collagen and elastin.

Take a look at our top seven hyaluronic acid uses for skin below.

  1. Moisturizes and Hydrates
  2. Strengthens Skin Barrier
  3. Balances Natural Moisture
  4. Promotes Younger, Firmer Skin
  5. Repairs and Heals
  6. Supports Smoother, Bouncier Skin
  7. Benefits More Than Just Your Skin

When it comes to skincare, this translates to lasting, deep humectant moisture in the skin. This can ultimately help:

  • Deeply moisturize the skin
  • Assist in wound healing
  • Provide antioxidant protection against free radicals
  • Help repair damaged skin

The problem? As we age – or even if we’re dehydrated – we don’t produce enough hyaluronic acid for skin naturally, so the skin starts to dry over time. This contributes to many of the visible signs of aging. That’s why there are so many products that contain topical hyaluronic acid – and the hyaluronic acid benefits for skin show if you use them correctly. Here’s exactly what that should look like.

1. Moisturizes and Hydrates

There’s dry skin and then there’s dehydrated skin - skin that’s tight, rough, and that doesn’t respond to surface moisturizers.

That’s when hyaluronic acid skin benefits make sense. Since it can penetrate deep into the skin - and hold over 1,000 times its weight in water - it moisturizes in a way that other ingredients just can’t and locks in much-needed moisture.

Even better? It can actually regulate moisture levels within your cells so you don’t get too much. It’s win-win.

Is hyaluronic acid good for dry skin? Clearly. But what about those among us who struggle with irritation? Is hyaluronic acid good for sensitive skin, too?

Yes, in fact the hydrating and moisture-locking properties of hyaluronic acid are particularly beneficial for reducing the likelihood of breakouts and promoting healing across all skin types.

Eight Saints' Daydreamer Natural Face Moisturizer and All In Eye Cream are two great examples of the value of hyaluronic acid for dry skin put into practice. These formulas are fortified with hyaluronic acid to increase hydration and plumpness while minimizing irritation.

Both Daydreamer and All In Eye Cream also contain squalane, which we've detailed in our blog Plant-Derived Squalane: Long-Lasting Hydration. Give it a quick read!

2. Stronger Skin Barrier

Not only is hyaluronic acid safe for sensitive skin, but it can actually be very transformative in strengthening it, too.

Hyaluronic acid has the power to regenerate lipids in the skin's barrier, helping tissues hold water more effectively. Better-balanced cells, along with protection from free radicals and other external toxins, promote resilience across the board.

The positive effects of hyaluronic acid for sensitive skin are even more pronounced when it's used in combination with the right ingredients. Our Pep Rally Face Serum is potent in HA, plus a host of other helpful vitamins, minerals, and compounds. It's easily Eight Saints' best hyaluronic acid serum for sensitive skin - or the world's best, if we're being completely honest here.

3. Balances Natural Moisture

It's good for dry skin, but what about the other side of the coin? Is hyaluronic acid good for oily skin as well? The answer is yes, absolutely. As a promoter of proper moisture balance, it can help prevent oil overproduction to keep your pores unclogged and breakout free.

Of course, the perks of using hyaluronic acid for oily skin are dependent on your selection of a good product. To that end, we highly suggest giving Night Shift Hydration Gel a try. This is our best hyaluronic acid serum for oily skin and is highly recommended for those who have tried other specialty products to no avail. The natural ingredients will do your skin good while making it feel great.

4. Younger, Firmer Skin

When you're young, your cells are great at holding onto water and moisture. On top of that, you naturally have fairly high levels of hyaluronic acid in your skin.

Unfortunately, you have to deal with a lot of things that lower those levels (aging, pollutants, sun exposure, and environmental aggressors - yuck!). And that’s where things like sensitivity, fine lines, and uneven texture rear their ugly heads.

When this happens, hyaluronic acid benefits your skin's moisture and provides long-lasting hydration, plumping away fine lines and wrinkles. So if you want to maintain a youthful glow, incorporating and knowing when to use hyaluronic acid serum is a great place to start.

What does hyaluronic acid do for your mature skin that makes it so great, you may ask?

Well, it's great at retaining the skin's moisture to create a plumping effect. And we all know that plump, hydrated skin makes fine lines and wrinkles less visible and helps to reduce the signs of visible aging.

The best hyaluronic acid moisturizer for mature skin, Eight Saints' Pep Rally Face Serum can show you this benefit first-hand. Our Complete Anti Aging Routine also comes packed with a powerful hyaluronic acid serum for skin, plus several other popular formulas with the capacity to to take on a youthful appearance.

5. Repairs and Heals

Although it won't treat any scars directly, boy does hyaluronic acid help acne prevention and resolution.

As a hydrating ingredient, hyaluronic acid has enriching effects that help keep the skin's barrier healthy. On top of that, it has even been suggested that the application of hyaluronic acid to chronic wounds may promote healing thanks to its ability to maintain the moist environment cells need to migrate and regenerate.

Let us show you How to Address Your Dark Spots and Discoloration For Good with Soulmate Brightening Treatment. Containing hyaluronic acid for skin - alongside a slew of other great, natural ingredients - this formula can make a big difference when it comes to treating hyperpigmentation, persistent acne scars, and other forms of skin discoloration. Soulmate Brightening Treatment can also help brighten your overall complexion to help you look and feel your best every day. Who doesn't want that?

6. Smoother, Bouncier Skin

For some people, all of the hyaluronic acid good for skin that we just discussed is nothing compared to benefit number six. This ingredient's ability to smooth tissue and make it feel bouncier is one of its strongest selling points. Used regularly and ideally in combination with a good Micro Needle Dermaroller, hyaluronic acid can improve the appearance and texture of your skin, plump sagging areas, and smooth out lines or creases from age or sun damage.

7. Benefits Beyond Your Skin

Benefits of hyaluronic acid expand far beyond just great skincare. In fact, hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the eyes and joints, and it’s often used:

  • During eye surgeries to replace natural fluids
  • As lip filler in plastic surgery
  • To heal wounds, burns, and skin ulcers

How to Add Hyaluronic Acid to Your Routine

Know Your Options

First, it’s important for you to understand that not all hyaluronic acid products are created equal - and they don’t all have the same purposes, this means you should know which type and when to use hyaluronic acid serum. For one, there are various acid concentrations. In some products, like Pep Rally Radiance Face Serum, hyaluronic is the most plentiful ingredient, and it's used quite simply to provide lasting moisture. In others, like Soulmate Brightening Treatment, hyaluronic acid is present in smaller concentrations as a supporting ingredient, helping active glycolic acid to penetrate the skin without drying it out or causing undue irritation.It’s important, then, to understand exactly what you’re looking for so you can make sure that you get the results that you’re looking for.

Make Sure You Have the Right Supporting Ingredients

We already alluded to this, but you should also ensure that you have the right supporting active ingredients in your hyaluronic acid product. There are many active ingredients to choose from that increase the benefits of hyaluronic acid, and each active is proven to help with specific concerns. Our top picks include:

  • Vitamin C and Vitamin E to help fight free radical damage, clear acne, and balance the skin:

Seeking C Face Serum

Using hyaluronic acid for acne is a smart move in more ways than one. But do you know what's an even smarter move? Getting your fix through Seeking C Face Serum. Leveraging hyaluronic acid and other rich natural ingredients, it will clear those breakouts up in even less time.

High Society Face Oil

Take the many hyaluronic acid benefits for skin care we've discussed up a notch with Eight Saints' powerful, non-greasy, and oh-so-revitalizing High Society Face Oil.

  • MSM to inhibit the breakdown of collagen and reduce inflammation:

Coast Is Clear Face Toner

Our Coast Is Clear Face Toner is an easy way to use hydraulic acid for face areas like the forehead, chin, nose, under eyes, and cheeks.

  •  Glycolic acid to fight breakouts and gently exfoliate the skin:

The benefits of hyaluronic acid for skin are doubled with the glycolic acid in our Soulmate Brightening Treatment. There are so many reasons Why Glycolic Acid Will Work Wonders for Your Face, and with this formula's powerful combination of ingredients, getting great results couldn't be easier.

  •  Peptides to rebuild collagen in the skin and improve skin’s texture:

Interested in the benefits of hyaluronic acid for skin we've discussed today? Peptides can make them even better. Peptides, like hyaluronic acid, work to improve skin by boosting its ability to retain moisture and rebuild collagen.

You can find them both in our Up the Anti Aging Cream and Night Shift Hydration Gel- two Eight Saints products that are as popular with our customers as they are with us.

Incorporate It Into the Right Steps

Finally, it’s time for you to decide what steps of your routine should have a hyaluronic acid component. You can safely incorporate hyaluronic acid into every step of your routine, including:

  • Cleanser: Using a cleanser with hydraulic acid for the face will help you evenly cleanse the skin without over-drying it or stripping it of its natural oils.

Bright Side Cream Cleanser,

Bright Side Cream Cleanser is a great first step before applying a moisturizer or sunscreen. The natural ingredients of the cleanser nourish and protect your skin while removing dirt, oil, and makeup.

Hometown Honey Bar Soap

Eight Saints' Hometown Honey Bar Soap can help lay a foundation for deep-reaching formulas. Washing well with this beforehand will help make the benefits of hyaluronic acid for skin get all the more pronounced.

  • Serum: A hyaluronic acid serum will provide a moisturizing base and allow subsequent active ingredients to evenly and effectively penetrate the skin.

When it comes to hyaluronic acid for skin, benefits aren't given.

Knowing when to use hyaluronic acid serum is essential to achieving full effects. We recommend applying products like our Seeking C Face Serumto damp skin after cleansing or toning and before moisturizing for the best possible results. You can also apply it directly to problem areas, such as blemishes and dry patches.

  • Moisturizer: Using anchor hyaluronic acid in a moisturizer – alongside ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil – will lock in hydration at the cellular level.

Cloud Whip Face Cream

Unlock the full benefits of hyaluronic acid for skin with Cloud Whip Face Cream. Packed with this powerful ingredient plus Vitamin C and MSM, it's exactly what your body has been begging for.

  • Cream or mask: Finally, using hyaluronic acid in your night cream will help you truly get your beauty sleep and wake up with refreshed skin.

No Plans Clay Mask

Eight Saints' No Plans Clay Maskmakes reaping the benefits of hyaluronic acid for skin a relaxing endeavor. Simply apply it, sit back, and unwind as this treatment gets results.

Ready to get started? Try all the hyaluronic acid products you might need in our Discovery Kit.

Precautions? Nope!

Don’t let the term “acid” fool you - hyaluronic acid will never strip or irritate the skin. On top of that, the benefits of hyaluronic acid work for all skin types - even sensitive, break-out prone, or oily. Enjoy the benefits for yourself. Try these products made with hyaluronic acid: Daydreamer, Pep Rally, Soulmate

With the question 'Is hyaluronic acid safe for sensitive skin' answered with a firm yes, you can rest assured that there aren't any potential drawbacks; when using hyaluronic acid for skin side effects are virtually non-existent. It is however worth exploring how this ingredient may interact with others in your routine, as not everything works together in perfect harmony. We recommend reading Skin Care Ingredients Full Guide: Effects, Results, & Interactions, and always conducting a patch test before trying out a new product.

Final Thoughts on Hyaluronic Acid for Skin

There you have it - hyaluronic acid benefits for skin spelled out A through Z. It's easy to see why this is one of our favorite skincare ingredients and why it's popular among so many people. Not only does hyaluronic acid help to keep skin hydrated, but it also helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines like nobody's business. Get your daily dose plus exclusive updates and promos through the Eight Saints VIP program today.

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