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Why Glycolic Acid Will Work Wonders for Your Face

Why Glycolic Acid Will Work Wonders for Your Face


A flawless layer of foundation and a stellar translucent powder is probably your go-to combo for glass-smooth skin. But let’s be real, we know you’d really rather glow all on your own. 


Achieving a heavenly complexion should be accessible even on your fresh-faced days, and incorporating glycolic acid into your beauty regimen is one of the best ways to do so. This common ingredient is the secret weapon in a variety of skincare products, and there’s a reason it’s one of our most revered saints. 


Below, you’ll find all the information you need to figure out what makes glycolic acid so special and how you can use the powerhouse ingredient safely and effectively.


What is Glycolic Acid? 


Glycolic acid is a part of the alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) family, which means that it is plant-derived and water-soluble. It’s a skincare fave for many reasons, primarily for its molecular structure. Its molecules are the smallest of all AHAs, which means glycolic acid has the ability to sink deep into your skin, stretching all of its benefits to the fullest effect.


Glycolic acid treatments and products come in varying strengths, with over-the-counter products containing a concentration of up to 10%. Treatments with larger concentrations, such as chemical peels, should only be performed by trusted professional., They can be a lifesaver for those who have been struggling for a solution to persistent acne and dark marks.


Since glycolic acid is a master at plumping the skin and boosting collagen production, it only makes sense that it’s one of the star ingredients in our Soulmate Brightening Treatment. This facial moisturizer is packed with feel-good natural ingredients that instill beaucoup hydration while gently revealing a new layer of soft, sunny skin.


Soulmate Brightening Treatment


What Does Glycolic Acid Do?


While glycolic acid has many useful properties, it’s primarily used for exfoliation. The composition of glycolic acid promotes rapid cell turnover, sloughing away dead skin cells that cloud your skin and collect in your pores. However, the power of glycolic acid doesn’t stop there. It also brilliantly:


  • Improves the appearance of wrinkles
  • Keeps ingrown hairs and shaving inflammation at bay
  • Helps lessen the effect of sun damage, such as dark spots
  • Lifts dirt and debris to the surface of skin to prevent blemishes


With regular use, you will be able to enjoy the luxury of firm, elastic skin that beams in the sunlight. However, as with all AHAs, staying on top of your sunscreen application is more than necessary. That’s because glycolic acid can make you more susceptible to the effects of the sun’s UV rays - and the last thing you want is to subject your reborn skin to a new wave of sun damage.


Incorporating Glycolic Acid Into Your Routine


After learning all the skincare magic glycolic acid has to offer, you may be itching to add it immediately to your regimen. While the enthusiasm is more than understandable, we always recommend starting small. 


Use products with glycolic acid about 1-2 times per week and gradually increase your usage if your skin seems to like it. With products like the Soulmate Brightening Treatment, you can feel comforted knowing the creamy formula backed by botanical hyaluronic acid and organic shea butter will give you all the glycolic acid benefits without drying out your skin.



What ingredients should I avoid when using glycolic acid?

You should avoid combining retinoids, vitamin C, and benzoyl peroxide, as they can cause excessive irritation and inflammation when layered.


Can any skin type use glycolic acid?

Those with picky skin that errs on the very dry and sensitive side should be careful when using glycolic acid and apply it in small amounts.


Does glycolic acid get rid of scars?

Glycolic acid won’t totally eradicate scars, but it can make them look less noticeable. Bright, exfoliated skin reflects light better, so any scars or indentations you may have will seem less apparent.


Can I use glycolic acid every day?

If your skin can take it, and when used in a low concentration, glycolic acid is perfectly safe for daily use. If you’re questioning the frequency though and you think you could be overdoing it, double-check with your dermatologist.


Now that you’re hip to all the benefits of glycolic acid, go ahead and see for yourself why we are completely infatuated with it! If any of the above details didn’t convince you, you can try out our Soulmate Brightening Treatment along with 12 of our best skincare products by grabbing one of our Discovery Kits. Not only are you sure to fall in love with it on the first use, but you’ll more than likely develop a few more skincare obsessions along the way.