Our Purpose

To provide truth and clarity in natural effective skincare

Why Eight Saints

We nailed down 8 key ingredients that offer the majority of the benefits to
your skin. All of our products contain an efficacious ammount of one or
more of these Eight “Saints”

Glow, Naturally

Skin is a remarkably complex organ and we recommend a balanced skincare routine to maintain a youthful lustrous glow. Just like you cannot eat only one food group to be healthy, your skin needs a variety of nutrients to stay hydrated, plump and radiant. Many of our ingredients are part of our skin’s natural make-up, but begin to decrease as we age. We can replenish these by using organic plant derived ingredients that are close in composition to our skin’s sebum (naturally occuring oil) Additionally we use gentle exfoliants to remove the buildup of dead skin, and powerful antioxidents to even skintone. All of our products are created equal and if they do not perform they do not have a place in our line up!

Our Story

Brickell Men’s Products launched in 2014. As the men’s line grew, we collected feedback from a large following of women who loved testing the curated selection in our men’s sample kit, and asked us for an assortment of natural products designed to fit thier needs. We got to work creating formulas designed and inspired by this feedback.

We assembled a team to focus on creating a line that was built for the specific requests and concerns women had, not a line that was just an off-shoot of our men’s line. We surveyed women on their skin care habits, honing on what worked and what didn’t, and which ingredients actually mattered.

We realized from all our research that the vast majority of ingredients, whether natural or synthetic, didn’t really do much. We were able to drill down to 8 key ingredients that generated the majority of the benefits. From this, Eight Saints was born.

Our Approach

Veering away from fast trends and buzzy new technologies, we base our ingredients on the findings of many years of scientific evidence and clinical trials. We never use known toxins or controversial synthetics- no part of our supply chain uses animal testing. We are responsiby sourced, small batch processed and made in the USA. Eight Saints uses the most effective stable active ingredients in skincare.

  1. Antioxidants
  2. Hyaluronic acid
  3. Vitamin C
  4. Peptides
  5. Squalane
  6. Glycolic Acid
  7. MSM
  8. Vitamin E

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We encourage you to try our products! We believe you will love them as much as we do, which is why we created a free sample kit of our full lineup for you to try on your own time from your own home. When you do, we love hearing your feedback!

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