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About Us

Why Eight Saints

We nailed down 8 key ingredients that offer the majority of the benefits to your skin. All of our products contain an efficacious amount of one or more of these Eight "Saints", providing truth and clarity in natural, effective skincare.

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Glow, Naturally

We use ingredients found naturally in our skin's composition, as this helps to bolster and strengthen the skin as we age. Veering away from fast trends and buzzy new technologies, we base our ingredients on the findings of many years of scientific evidence and clinical trials.

We never use known toxins or controversial synthetics- no part of our supply chain uses animal testing. We are responsibly sourced, small batch processed and made in the USA. Eight Saints uses the most effective stable active ingredients in skincare.

All of our products are created equal and if they do not perform they do not have a place in our line up!

photo of pink roses in background, right section

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This is Us

Hi! We're Jessica and Lindsey, thanks for checking us out!

Eight Saints began by mixing up the basic ingredients in our kitchens and testing them on a few friends. We felt the current skincare market was crowded with over-complicated, over-hyped "miracle ingredients" and synthetics. We found the most ingredients, whether natural or synthetic, didn't really do much. We nailed down 8 key ingredients that were providing the majority of benefits for our skin and that's how we got our name.

Another problem we faced (quite literally) was no option to test a product long enough to see if it was working for our skin. Many brands are stingy with samples, or only allow you to try them in-store one time, which isn't helpful. We created the discovery kit, allowing everyone to try all of our products at home to determine which ones work best for their skin type.

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“ I literally don't
wear makeup anymore! ”

- Hayley

“ I wake up glowing
with an even skin tone! ”

- Chesca