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6 Key Ingredients to Detoxify Your Skin

Spring has sprung! The new season always comes with a new desire to clean, freshen things up, and welcome new life and energy – that goes for your skin, too! And, with built-up winter dryness and dullness wreaking havoc on millions of womens’ complexions, it might be just what the doctor ordered.

That’s why we’re rounding up the top 6 ingredients to detoxify your skin this spring.

1. Clay

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The ultimate old-school detoxifying ingredient is clay, which is known to soothe, hydrate and detoxify tired skin. Specifically, we recommend kaolin clay (though you can learn about other clay types and their benefits here).

Why? Kaolin clay is one of the least drying clay options out there, which makes it gentle enough even for sensitive skin. It also works to:

  • Effectively draw out excess oils without over-drying the skin
  • Brighten the complexion by stimulating circulation
  • Effectively exfoliate away dead skin cells
  • Soften and even the skin

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2. Charcoal

charcoal spring skincare

Another detoxifying MVP? Charcoal. Activated charcoal, in particular, has an unprecedented ability to bind to micro-particles like dust, bacteria, microbes, and chemicals(that’s why it’s even used in emergency rooms to deal with venom and snake bites).

When applied to the skin, it essentially acts like a magnet to absorb dirt, oil, and bacteria that might be sitting on the skin. That said, charcoal canbe stripping and overly drying, which is why we don’t recommend it for all skin types. We also recommend that you always follow up charcoal application with a restorative moisturizer that will restore any lost oils and moisture.

3. Antioxidants

vitamin c antioxidant skincare

It’s also important to “detox” by protecting your skin against the onslaught of pollutants, UV rays, and other environmental aggressors that can cause fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, and other premature signs of aging.

Specifically, we recommend antioxidants like:

  • Vitamin C, a gentle all-around antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals, evens skin tone, and more.
  • Vitamin E, which works like vitamin C to brighten, even, and soothe the skin.
  • Green tea, which is packed with polyphenols and catechins that can help reduce redness, calm irritation, and hydrate the skin.

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4. Algae and Seaweed

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Algae and seaweed are also known to cleanse and protect the skin by:

  • Stimulating blood flow to encourage your skin’s glow
  • Providing minerals that nourish and protect the skin
  • Improving the health of your cell membranes
  • Restoring your skin’s natural barrier with amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids

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5. Coconut

coconut oil coconut water eight saints organic skincare

Coconut is a powerful skincare ingredient, as it has been shown to:

  • Provide sun protection
  • Protect the skin’s natural barrier
  • Hydrate the skin and reduce itching and redness
  • Protect against free radical damage and environment aggressors
  • Assist with wound healing
  • Provide antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties

That said, coconut oil is also considered to be a comedogenic, or pore clogging, oil. For this reason, we recommend that you use it in formulas where it isn’t the main ingredient – rather than using straight coconut oil. That way, you’ll be much more likely to reap the benefits withoutthe drawbacks.

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6. Salt

salt skincare eight saints organic skin

Finally, we’re rounding out our list with sea salt. Believe it or not, salt is known to have moisturizing benefits as a skin soak. In fact, one study found that bathing in Dead Sea salt resulted in better skin barrier function, improved hydration, and reduced inflammation.

The same benefits can be easily achieved using epsom salt, which is known to:

  • Improve the skin’s barrier function
  • Soften rough skin
  • Provide milk exfoliation
  • Dissolve dead skin cells

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