Does Body Spray Lotion Actually Work?

Does Body Spray Lotion Actually Work?

You’ve probably seen a bottle of spray lotion at the store and thought “does this actually work?” The label says body lotion, but it can it really be as effective as a typical cream body lotion?


The answer is a resounding yes. Body spray lotion is legit, and it might be just what you need. Think about it. You don’t always have time to slather on a traditional moisturizing body lotion, especially if you're by yourself and having trouble applying to tricky to reach areas like your back or between your shoulders. Spray body lotion can be a quick solution to moisturizing and hydration for your skin while on the go, on a well earned vacation... or every day!


What Is Spray Body Lotion?

It's all in the name. A lotion body spray offers all the benefits you'll find in a traditional body lotion. But unlike cream or goop based lotions that you have to spread and massage by hand into your skin, all while waiting for it to absorb (we're waiting...).


A spray lotion can be applied quickly, on the go, and is absorbed almost immediately leaving you fresh, moisturized and rejuvenated. We love it and don't leave home without it now, it's a great complement to your skin care routine and it fits alongside your other hydrating and moisturizing products seamlessly.


Why Use A Spray Lotion?

  • Convenience: Spray body lotions come in spray bottles that allow for easy and quick application. They can be sprayed directly onto the skin, eliminating the need for rubbing or massaging the lotion in. This can be extremely convenient when you're in a rush or have limited mobility.
  • Even Coverage: Spray body lotions provide a fine mist that can distribute the product more evenly over larger areas of the body compared to regular traditional lotions. So when you want to quickly moisturize your entire body without spending too much time applying and rubbing in the lotion, spray is the way.
  • Lightweight Texture: Spray body lotions offer a lighter and more liquid texture compared to classic body lotions. They absorb quickly into the skin without leaving a heavy or greasy residue. So if a light and fresh lotion feel sounds appealing or you live in hot and humid climate, it's a huge bonus.
  • Targeted Application: Spray body lotions allow for a more targeted application on specific areas of the body, such as hard-to-reach places like the back and between your shoulders. Spraying makes it easier to reach these areas without needing assistance or contorting your body and ending up on reddit.


What Is The Best Spray Lotion For Me?

At Eight Saints, we think skincare is a total body experience, so we pack our natural spray lotion with the same powerful anti-aging ingredients that are normally reserved for face-specific products. With our Island Time Spray Lotion you get nothing but the best and a subtly tropical coconut and vanilla scent our customers love.


What's In Our Lotion Spray?

Our Island Time body spray lotion stands apart from the rest with its simple and easy application and zero sticky mess after. But that's not even the best part. Nothing says everyday vacation like the relaxing smell of our hydrating body lotion spray. Part of the reason for this is the first of our four key active natural ingredients.

  • Coconut Oil: its exceptional moisturizing properties deeply hydrate and nourish the skin, leaving it soft and supple. With its natural antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, coconut oil helps soothes and repairs the skin's barrier, making it ideal for dry or irritated.
  • Jojoba Oil: (pronounced ho-ho-ba) is a liquid wax derived from the seeds of the jojoba plant. Jojoba oil is unique because its composition closely resembles the natural oils (sebum) produced by our skin. As such, it's an excellent moisturizer and forms a protective layer that keeps your skin hydrated and without a greasy texture! It also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can calm irritated skin. We love it.
  • Vitamin E: helps neutralize free radicals, protecting the skin from environmental stressors and thereby reducing signs of aging. It also supports moisture retention and enhances the effectiveness of the other ingredients in the lotion, creating a more potent and nourishing formula. What a team player!
  • Rose Flower Water: is a fragrant, floral water that carries the gentle essence of roses. It’s a natural skin care secret that hydrates the skin and soothes irritation, all while toning and balancing the pH of your skin!

When Do I Use Spray Body Lotion?

You can use a spray body lotion anytime! Our Island Time Spray Lotion is designed to last all day but if you're feeling particularly parched don't be shy about escaping to Island Time for a few minutes with a re-application. Our natural formula also leaves no sticky residue like traditional body lotions, so you can spray confidently knowing you won't feel gloopy and greasy.


Day or night we're always reaching for our natural Island Time Spray Lotion bottle to keep us feeling our best and refreshed. You can also feel good knowing this product is certified cruelty free and, of course, because it's Eight Saints, it smells absolutely amazing.


What Do People Who Actually Use Spray Body Lotion Say

Some of the feedback and reviews we've gotten for our Island Time Spray Lotion are sending us to paradise. Don't take our word for it:


"Obsessed with this lotion! I normally hate putting on lotion because I feel slimy after, but this lotion is so light and absorbs so fast! It also smells amazing."

"This spray lotion is truly amazing….the scent is like I’m at the beach and the lotion leaves my skin very soft… thank you."

Ultimately, when to use a spray body lotion or a more traditional topical lotion is up to you. If you're looking for a quick hydrating burst that leaves you feeling soft and fresh and without sticky residue, it might be time to give a spray lotion your undivided attention.


Topical vs Tropical? (It's Tropical y'all.)

Meanwhile we're going to re-apply some, set our office email reply to vacation mode, and imagine taking a short trip to the tropics, sipping on a fruity drink, watching the palm trees sway in the breeze over a beautiful sunset. If we take a minute to respond it's because we're on Island Time. Grab a bottle today and we'll see you there!