rose benefits for skin

Rose Benefits For Skin and How to Add Roses to Your Skincare Routine

Today, there're tons of hype in the health and beauty industries surrounding products that contain rose petals, rose fragrance, or rose essential oils. And it's easy to see why - when it's done right, the rose can feel and smell refreshing, rejuvenating, and downright luxurious.

Plus, it can supposedly have lots of amazing effects on the skin and the brain. But what are rose benefits for skin, who do they actually work for, and where can you find rose skin care products that truly contain a real deal? Plus - where did it all start and how can you actually sniff out a fake? We did the research, and we've got some answers.

rose benefits for skin

The History of Rose In Health and Beauty

As you might expect, having rose benefits in health and beauty products is nothing new. In fact, we have actually used roses for cosmetic purposes for over 5,000 years:

  • Ancient Egyptians used to boil down roses to make healing balms and cosmetic products. They even infused the scent into their oils to create perfume and to cleanse and protect their skin.
  • According to Greek legend, the tears of Aphrodite created roses - the Goddess of Love - and the blood of her lover, Adonis. The Romans, who attributed it to Venus, later adopted and changed this legend. In the following generations, roses became extremely popular among the Phoenicians, Greeks, and Romans as symbols of vanity, as perfume, as adornments for weddings, and even as remedies used to keep illness at bay.
  • In the 10th century, Persians invented steam distillation, the process that is still used today to create rose oil for the face.

rosehip oil for face

Discovery of Rose Essential Oil Benefits

Though there were lots of other uses and developments, this steam distillation process was a major game-changer in making rose skin care products, such as rosehip oil for face and rose water for skin.

And it was a hard thing to accomplish. In fact, it took around 30,000 rose petals to extract a single ounce of rose essential oil - and, as with any beauty product, this difficulty meant major demand and major cash.

In part because of this exclusivity, the rose's popularity expanded throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas, and growing or using rose oil for skin became a major status symbol. All of this leads us to the power and the benefits of rose skincare today.

Rose Today: Understanding the Rose Skin Benefits and the Varieties

Today, the rose is more ubiquitous than ever before. And its uses are extremely versatile: essentially every part of the rose plant contains rich nutrients that can be used for cosmetic and beauty purposes. Overall, though, the rose can moisturize the skin and stimulate collagen without irritating sensitive skin.

Rose Water

What is rose water, you may ask? Rose water is a sweet-smelling liquid derived from rose petals. It's been used for centuries as a beauty product, fragrance, and even a healing remedy. Rose water is made using steam distillation, where fresh rose petals are placed in boiling water and the resulting vapor is collected and condensed.

rosehip oil benefits

Before you follow up with the question, 'what is rose water good for', let us finish. This fragrance has innumerable uses and even more benefits to take advantage of, particularly in skin care. Rose water is an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antibacterial agent that can help soothe skin irritations like eczema, acne, and dermatitis.

It is also a natural moisturizer, and can help reduce redness and puffiness caused by stress or allergies. Many companies use rose water in their products to give them a pleasant scent, but it is also available in its concentrated form.

Concentrated rose water contains between 0.04 and 0.05 percent pure rose oil. Don't ask how many petals that takes - the answer is a lot!

Rose Water Benefits

Specifically, it can soothe redness, hydrate, and decrease inflammation for sensitive skin - which is why it's often used as a daily face mist and as a light, on-the-go product.

The benefits of rose water are many. As an anti-inflammatory, it is very effective in reducing acne, rosacea, eczema, dermatitis, skin redness, and psoriasis. Many people also use rose water for sunburn treatment, as the flower's natural oils are known to soothe and cool the skin. Rose water also does wonders for dry skin, as it helps to maintain moisture and balance pH levels. It can also help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots caused by aging, while giving skin a healthy glow.

Rose Water For Skin

While there are many rose water benefits for skin, it only amplifies them when you combine it with other natural ingredients. Take Island Time Spray Lotion, for example; this luxurious lot contains not only rose water, but also jojoba oil, sea coconut oil, and Vitamin E. Combined, these ingredients are designed to hydrate skin, reduce inflammation, and leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

Island Time Spray Lotion for rose water benefits

Rose Water For Face

This all sounds great, but is rose water good for your face? The answer is yes - the benefits of rose water extend there, too. Products like No Plans Clay Mask contain rose flower extract, which is much more concentrated than rose water. This clay mask is designed to purify and refine skin texture, while hydrating and preventing wrinkles.

No Plans Clay Mask contains rose oil for face

Rose-hip Oil

Pressed and sourced from the seeds of special species of rose bush, our rose-hip oil for face skin care is as natural as it gets. But rose water isn't all it contains; it is also rich in vitamins A, C, and anti-inflammatory fatty acids – an ultimate trio for skin health and rejuvenation.

Vitamin A, in particular, is a game-changer when it comes to skin health; its natural retinol and retinoids help reduce the melanin production behind brown spots while encouraging collagen formation to combat sun damage.

Eight Saints' rose skincare products incorporate all of these benefits in a range of unique packages, from Cloud Whip everyday face cream to All In eye cream.

Rosehip Oil Benefits

Rosehip oil is good for plenty of skin care applications. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it a great choice for acne sufferers; the oil's fatty acids help to normalize sebum production, which can help reduce breakouts. Some rosehip oil acne products even contain natural ingredients like tea tree oil, which has antiseptic properties that further reduce irritation and redness.

But that's nowhere near where the benefits of rosehip oil end. You can use it to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks, and so much more!

Is Rosehip Oil Comedogenic?

This is a reasonable question to ask before putting anything on your skin - 'does rose oil clog pores?' Rosehip oil has a comedogenic rating of 2, which classifies it as non-comedogenic; this means that unlike other oils, it won't clog your pores.

Rosehip Oil For Face

Wondering whether rosehip oil is good for your face? The answer is yes. In fact, this is one of the best rosehip seed oil benefits there is. Our Cloud Whip Face Cream contains rosehip oil to promote skin hydration and balance pH levels, while helping to reduce wrinkles and dark spots.

Cloud Whip Face Cream with rosehip oil benefits

Rosehip Oil For Skin Regeneration

Rosehip oil benefits have captivated generations of beauty enthusiasts. And when it's mixed with other ingredients, like those found in our Daydreamer Natural Face Moisturizer, it's an unbeatable combination. This product contains rosehip oil to restore, renew, and boost moisture levels to keep skin looking and feeling its best.

Daydreamer Natural Face Moisturizer with rosehip seed oil benefits

Rosehip Oil for Acne

Rosehip seed oil benefits acne sufferers in more ways than one.

Its anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce redness and swelling, while its fatty acids help to normalize sebum production. Eight Saints' Daydreamer Natural Face Moisturizer takes things to the next level by adding in natural vitamins and minerals.

Rosehip Oil For Scars

It's worth mentioning that rosehip oil benefits the skin's appearance, as well. Massaging a few drops into areas with scars twice a day can help speed up the process of fading them, often within six to 12 weeks!

Rosehip Oil Anti-Aging Properties

Your eyes don't deserve to miss out on rosehip oil benefits either. Our All In Eye Cream contains rosehip oil to reduce puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles around the eyes. A few dabs of this cream morning and night will help to keep the delicate skin around your eyes bright, smooth, and youthful.

All In Eye Cream with anti aging rosehip oil benefits

Rose Essential Oil

The process of distilling rose oil for face products is intensive, but worth it. Only a few drops of this natural serum can make a massive impact on the overall look and feel of skin. Just consider the benefits; rose oil is packed with vitamins and antioxidants, from Vitamins A, B, C, E, and K to minerals like potassium and iron. Blending all of these great things together makes for a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-aging treatment that's better than any chemically-derived product out there.

Benefits of Rose Essential Oil

Rose oil is good for skin, no matter what your age is or where you apply the serum.

From the face to the body, it can help reduce wrinkles and scars, fight against breakouts, and hydrate skin to keep it looking its best.

Put simply, rose oil benefits skin of all kinds.

Rose Hydrosol

Rose water is a liquid distilled from rose petals that can be used in face washes and toners, while rose hydrosol is the water soluble fraction of rose collected during the production of rose essential oil. Rose hydrosol contains all of the same vitamins and minerals as rose oil, and offers just as many rose benefits for skin - but without the oily residue.

Rose Hydrosol Benefits

Rosehip oil for face care is an excellent choice for those looking to benefit from its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It helps maintain the skin's pH balance and also controls excess oil, while providing a range of additional benefits such as reducing wrinkles, dark spots and redness.

Rose Hydrosol for Face

Eight Saints' Coast Is Clear Face Toner contains rosehip hydrosol to help refine the skin's texture and tone. The active ingredients in this product help promote tissue regeneration for results faster. Consider it a way to put regular rose benefits for skin on hyperdrive.

Coast Is Clear Face Toner with rose water (rose hydrosol)

How to Add Roses to Your Skincare Routine

What is perhaps the best thing about the benefits of rose oil is that they're extremely easy to integrate into your existing skincare routine. Simply choose a product from Eight Saints, apply it to clean skin, and say goodbye to dullness and hello to youthful glow. Essential vitamins and minerals from rose oil will help to nourish your skin, no matter its type.

On a Daily Basis

Rose benefits for skin appearance are only achieved through regular application. Make a point of using products like our Daily Essentials Routine consistently to see the best results. This natural regimen contains rosehip oil that will give your skin the daily dose of moisture it needs to thrive.

Daily Essentials Routine for rose in skincare

On a Weekly Basis

If you've chosen to use rosehip oil for face care specifically, aim to apply it throughout the week. Our Best Week Ever Routine makes it easy by combining everything you need into one package.

Best Week Ever Routine with rose benefits for skin

In the Anti Aging Routine

Anti-ageing is one of many rose benefits for skin, but it can't be achieved with just rose water alone. For a complete anti-ageing routine, be sure to check out Eight Saints' Complete Anti Aging Routine package.

Complete Anti Aging Routine with rose benefits

Side Effects of Rose Water

There aren't really any rosehip oil disadvantages out there - this naturally-derived product isn't known to cause side effects. Although, it is worth mentioning that those with allergies may be at an increased risk of reacting adversely. When using rose oil for face treatments, always conduct a patch test on your arm first. This will identify any potential sensitivities and ensure that you won't experience any skin irritation when using the product.

How to Spot the Real Deal

Since the rose extraction and distillation process can be somewhat involved, many companies avoid it altogether and take the synthetic route instead (yikes!). So how can you tell if you’re being duped? Just take a whiff!

With over 300 unique molecules, the rose flower has the most complex chemical constitution of ANY flower. That means that its scent is impossible to mimic and that you’ll be able to easily sniff out a fake.

If it doesn’t smell like it came off the vine, it probably didn’t.

rose benefits for skin

The Takeaway

The takeaway here? Rose benefits for skin are real, and they should be taken advantage of. With the right rose skincare products and routine, you can have beautiful-looking glowing skin that's soft, hydrated and full of life. Not to mention the wonderful fragrance of roses as a great bonus! So, what are you waiting for? Try Eight Saints' rose skincare range today.