Upgrade (and Simplify) Your Routine With 3 Essentials From Eight Saints

Upgrade (and Simplify) Your Routine With 3 Essentials From Eight Saints


"When did skincare become so overcomplicated? Every time I log onto social media, some influencer is touting an excessive 12 step skincare routine or claiming that an expensive high-tech device is the secret to perfect skin. While I love that the skincare industry is constantly evolving, I have to remember that the most extravagant formulations and tools don’t guarantee flawless results. Sometimes, it’s the simplest ingredients and products that make a world of a difference — and that’s what Eight Saints is here to prove with a new generation of clean beauty standards."


"Eight Saints is on a mission to simplify skincare. After years of experimenting with different elements in its Portland, Maine lab, the team nailed down eight efficacious ingredients (a.k.a. the “eight saints”) and created a line of products that are made in the USA with globally sourced ingredients. Each of the accessible formulations feature at least one of these “saints” to help strengthen, protect and enhance overall skin health without breaking the bank."


"While we love everything from the line, there are three items that truly stand out. We consider these effective formulas to be the foundation of any great routine, whether you’re new to skincare or regularly stay up to date on the latest trends. Keep reading to discover our favorite Eight Saints products and what makes them a perfect addition to your regimen."


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