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What Is Situational Skincare and Why Should You Give It A Try?

If you’re paying attention to the latest beauty blogs, you may have noticed that the terms, “situational cleansing,” and “situational skincare,” are coming up a lot lately. And with good reason. The whole idea here is tailoring your skincare based on what your skin is telling you it needs, and we think it’s brilliant.


The Old Way: A Set Skincare Routine

Even a few years ago, your skincare directions were simple: find products that you like, put together a comprehensive routine, and stick to it.It was all about consistency and using products that you really feel make a difference for your skin.


And this still makes sense: the whole idea is to avoid those slept-in-your-makeup nights or to use your anti-aging serums regularly - and you dostill have to be consistent if you want to see real results.


But a one-size-fits-all regimen doesn’t always work.


Consider Situational Skincare

Think about it: your skin doesn’t always feel the same, and it doesn’t always need the same products to feel its best. After all, your skin is your biggest organ, and it can be finicky: it gets dry, it gets irritated, it gets broken out, it gets shiny….the list goes on, and each of these conditions needs a different solution if you really want to treat it correctly.


What’s more, things can go really wrong if you apply the wrong one-size-fits-all solution to a problem that needs a very specific need. Say, for example, that your skin is feeling tight and dry after a day at the beach and you apply your go-to serum that’s aimed to resolve acne and oiliness. Well, it’ll just make your tightness worse - especially if you don’t have an active breakout at that moment.


That’s why you should consistently pay attention to your skin and use the products that make sense for it at that moment. Here’s how to do it.


Get It Right In Any Situation

A good rule of thumb? Stick to two or three main things that your skin needs that day. Want to treat fine lines and acne? Great! Grab your favorite peptide-rich moisturizer and a clay cleanser. Looking to blast some sunspots? Load up on vitamin C and AHAs.


Here are some other common situations that call for some well-tailored solutions:

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