What Is Marula Oil and How to Use Marula Oil for Your Skin

What Is Marula Oil and How to Use Marula Oil for Your Skin


Gorgeous weather and rising temperatures mean you’ll definitely be wearing less and going out more. You’ve most likely spent the cooler months tirelessly prepping your skin for your favorite short shorts and sleeveless tops. 


If the rest of your body is highly moisturized and impossibly soft, why should your face be any different?


Searching for something to help you gain a flawless complexion free of texture and flakes? Marula oil has got your back. See for yourself why this antioxidant-dense ingredient is one of our favorites for achieving skin you’re thrilled to be in.


What is Marula Oil?


Marula oil is derived from the marula fruit tree (sclerocarya birrea), which were once rare and associated with abundance in marriage and fertility. 


The marula fruit tree is indigenous to sub-Saharan African countries such as Ethiopia and Zimbabwe, and was even said to have gotten elephants drunk. In ancient times, marula fruit stood as an essential food source for some Southern African tribes, as it is rich in vitamins and minerals and easy to transport in bulk.


Nowadays, the marula fruit tree isn’t just used as a means of survival. It is also a way to provide nourishment to your hair, skin, and nails. 


Inside each marula fruit is a small nut packed with white kernels. These kernels are then pressed, a method which extracts the most nutrients from the fruit, leaving you with a lightweight, versatile and essential oils for skin.


Benefits of Marula Oil


Since marula oil bears many similarities to the oil your skin naturally produces, it is a great moisturizing ingredient - even for those with highly reactive skin that is subject to easy irritation. Marula oil also contains a high concentration of:


  • Antioxidants: Free radical-fighting vitamins E and C
  • Amino Acids: Anti-aging glutamic acid
  • Fatty Acids: Hydrating palmitic and oleic acids


Marula oil isa warrior in the battle against redness and persistent inflammation, symptoms that people with dry skin know quite well. Though marula oil absorbs into your skin quickly, it has a thicker consistency than other light, dry oils such as hemp seed oil. Because of this, marula oil may be more beneficial for those who have trouble retaining moisture over those who err on the oily side of the skin type spectrum.


How To Use Marula Oil for Your Skin


When using facial oils such as our High Society Oil, think about what your goal is for your skin before applying. If you’re looking for a dewy, natural daytime glow, use the oil as a primer in the mornings. Or, if you’d prefer to wake up radiant, apply a layer of oil after your cream products at bedtime. That will help lock in all of the moisturizing properties from your products.


High Society Face Oil with marula oil


Another benefit of using a facial product with marula oil is that it has no known adverse interactions with other ingredients, which allows you to use it with your favorite vitamin C serum or peptide-rich face cream.


No matter what you’re looking for, our High Society Face Oil is bolstered by a collection of organically-sourced, high quality botanical oils, like:


  • Marula Oil - Our not-so-secret weapon
  • Jojoba Oil - A mega-hydrating powerhouse
  • Grapeseed Oil – Cold-pressed to perfection for the ultimate protection


Marula oil is definitely one of those ingredients that has been gaining more and more traction in the beauty community, but its history of preservation and, dare we say, good luck, is one of the reasons why we won’t get tired of it any time soon.