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MSM a core ingredient eight saints organic skincare healthy skin

MSM: One of Skincare's Not-So-Secret MVPs

MSM (or MethylSulfonylMethane) is a natural compound found in all living things. Formed organically from carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and sulfur, it is the natural “glue” in our bodies that holds together our amino acid chains (the base of our body tissue). It’s essential for the proper function of amino acids, and it’s a vital nutrient for our entire system.

This, understandably, makes it a powerful skincare ingredient. Specifically, MSM is known for inhibiting the breakdown of collagen, reducing inflammation, and making the cell wall more permeable, thereby helping vital nutrients flow through.

Let’s dive into the details.

Big-Picture Benefits

Boosts Collagen

MSM increases collagen Eight Saints Cloud Whip Vitamin C Moisturizer Cream For Face

This all has to do with the sulfur part of MSM. Sulfur is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body, and it’s known for its ability to support collagen production, decrease inflammation, and promote circulation.

Since MSM is 34% sulfur, that makes it excellent at:

  • Increasing production of collagen, keratin, and elastin
  • Decreasing collagen breakdown
  • Support the growth of healthy connective tissue

This helps with aging, fights wrinkles, and promotes overall skin health.

Increases Absorption of Nutrients

MSM helps amino acids in the skin build together and function properly. As a result, it can help the skin cell membranes maintain their flexibility and permeability.In other words, it allows the good things to get in and the toxins to release.

This not only helps you get the full benefits of the rest of your skincare routine but also reduces acne by allowing your skin to release the toxins that are clogging your pores. Double win.

Decreases Inflammation

The sciencey part? MSM can reduce the production of cytokines, which ultimately means that it can reduce inflammation and also detoxify the body.


As widespread and beneficial as it is, it’s a water-soluble nutrient that works most effectively in conjunction with vitamin C - so look for a product, like Cloud Whip, that has both.

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