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Looking for the Royal Treatment? Here’s the Skincare Your Favorite Royals From The Crown Would Love

Long live the Queen! Season 3 of The Crown has finally aired on Netflix this month and fans just couldn’t wait to see what the 1960s brought for the Queen of England and the rest of the royal family.

As the drama unfolded, what we really wanted was a peek behind their skincare curtain. Alas, we didn’t get to see it, but here’s what we think they would love.

Queen Elizabeth II

When the Queen describes herself in season 3, she calls herself reliable, dependable, and dull. While we certainly wouldn’t agree with the last descriptor, there’s no denying that she’s grown into a fully mature, no-nonsense monarch with a lot on her plate.

That means she doesn’t have a lot of time for “me time” or paying attention to a skincare routine. She needs a product that’s as no-frills and effective as she is (and if it helps with those 1am international crisis dark circles, we don’t think she’d mind).

Actives and ingredients that really work, like hyaluronic acid for deep moisture and glycolic acid for some next-level exfoliation, will be key.

We think she’d reach for a product like Soulmate that deeply hydrates andencourages cell turnover to wake up that hardworking skin.

Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

If there’s one thing that The Crown has shown in all three seasons, it’s that the Queen’s husband is a proud guy (not to mention a little vain). While he’s not fighting for the spotlight as much in the 1960s, he’s still very ambitious and keenly aware that all eyes are on him and his family.

Given his focus on image, he probably wouldn’t mind a whole nightly routine, like the Complete Anti-Aging Routine, to help him stay fresh. This three-product regimen would work great with his busy schedule too, helping him combat lines and stay camera-ready without a lot of time or fuss.

Princess Margaret

Rebellious. Charming. Biting. Troubled. Princess Margaret has certainly shown herself to be both a diva and a superstar, which gives us a sneaking suspicion that she absolutelycares about her skincare routine.

We think she probably goes all out every night - serum, moisturizer, eye cream, mask, the works! - and she’d love the Best Week Ever Routine. The all-stars in her medicine cabinet? A great exfoliant to buff away dead cells or a killer eye cream to keep her looking like the Queen she wants to be.

Lord Mountbatten

Ok, so the thought of Lord Mountbatten slathering on some SPF or moisturizer might seemlike a joke, but we think it’s a great idea!

The guy is intelligent, calculating, and ready to take on pretty much anyone. We just don’t think he should do that without putting his best face forward. At his age, we think that hydration and protection are key - so a great moisturizer and some sunscreen will do the job.

Princess Anne

Her dad, Prince Philip, thinks that she’s the most down-to-earth royal (even though that title most certainly goes to his mom, Princess Alice). Relatable or not, you can't deny that Princess Anne has glowing, gorgeous skin every time she hits the screen.

We think she keeps that face pristine and blemish-free by protecting her skin’s natural barrier with a great botanical face oil (though the fresh air riding horses probably doesn’t hurt either).

What products would you pick for them?