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Ingredient Spotlight: Tamanu Oil

It’s time to talk about oils! At this point, you likely already know that face oils are good for your skin, and you’re probably familiar with some of the bigger players out there like jojoba oil, squalane, and marula oil.

But there might be some lesser-known - but equally effective - oils that you don’t know about (including sunflower seed oil- yay!). One of those under-the-radar power players? Tamanu oil.

Here’s everything you need to know about this tropical treat for your skin.

Tamanu Oil: The Basics

Tamanu oil - otherwise referred to as “green gold” or “beauty leaf oil” - is pressed from the fruit kernel of the tamanu nut tree, a tropical evergreen endemic to Southeast Asia. And while you may have never heard of it before, it’s certainly not the new kid on the block: tamanu oil has been used for medicinal purposes by Asian, African, and Pacific Island cultures for centuries.

In the Pacific Islands, in particular, it has been used for generations to treat various skin conditions, including scrapes, cuts, burns, bites, psoriasis, acne, dry skin, and even diaper rash. Polynesian communities even noticed that the oil helped with the development of new body tissue and with stimulating circulation, and these realizations encouraged them to use it to help with skin discoloration concerns.

And there’s science to back this up:

Tamanu oil is richer in omega fatty acids than most oils, including oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid. These acids have many health benefits:

Linoleic Acid (Omega-6)

Linoleic acid, a polyunsaturated fatty acid, is known to:

  • Help with wound healing
  • Exhibit anti-inflammatory properties
  • Reduce existing acne, as well as future breakouts
  • Improve moisture retention in the skin
  • Provide anti-aging benefits by improving skin elasticity and texture

Oleic Acid (Omega-9)

Similarly, oleic acid can:

  • Help your hair grow long and strong
  • Reduce visible signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles
  • Provide antioxidant benefits
  • Help with joint inflammation, along with pain and stiffness

Palmitic Acid

Palmitic acid has emollient properties. It’s also the most common saturated fatty acid, and its rich in beneficial antioxidants. 

Stearic Acid

Finally, stearic acid is known primarily for its cleansing properties. It can:

  • Help cleanse and eliminate dirt, sweat, and excess sebum
  • Emulsify products by binding water and oil
  • Soften the skin
  • Help products remain potent for longer periods of time.

It also has antibacterial properties, potent antioxidants, anti-inflammatory benefits, and it is known to both stimulate collagen and promote wound healing.

All of this, of course, translates to visible skin benefits.

The Skincare Benefits of Tamanu Oil

These anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant components - along with the oil's skin-healing abilities - make tamanu oil a great addition to any skincare routine. It can: 

Treat Blemishes

Because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, tamanu oil is ultra-effective for healing acne and calming acne-related redness. Plus, its ability to heal skin and stimulate collagen makes it effective at treating scars.

Fade Scars

Since tamanu oil can promote collagen and encourage new tissue growth, it can help fade visible scars on the face and body. This includes acne scars and even stretch marks.

Moisturize Dry Skin

Tamanu oil’s rich fatty acid content makes it an extra effective occlusive, meaning that it works as a barrier to lock in moisture (along with any actives) and restore the skin’s natural barrier.

This can be even more helpful considering the oil’s antibacterial properties since it makes it effective for those with dry skin andacne.

Calm Rashes

If you or your loved ones are dealing with a rash - including diaper rash or rash caused by frequent dry brushing - tamanu oil can help. The fatty acids, in particular, provide moisturizing benefits while soothing the skin and accelerating the healing process, the perfect combination for rash treatment.

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