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reishi mushroom soulmate brightening serum

Ingredient Spotlight: Reishi Mushroom

Mushrooms and adaptogens are nothing new in health and wellness. But do you know how they work when it comes to skincare and what benefits they provide (they’re actually pretty great!).

Here’s what you should know.

What Are Reishi Mushrooms?

Reishi mushrooms -- officially known as Ganoderma lucidum -- have been used as adaptogens in Chinese and Japanese medicinal practices like Ayurveda for over 5,000 years.


When applied topically or in supplements and recipes, these ingredients can fight stress and free radical damage, helping your body adaptto a changing or stressful environment (that’s why they’re called adaptogens!).

Reishi, in particular, has significant anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits that help it hydrate and detoxify the body. Here’s what that means for your skin.

The Benefits of Reishi in Skincare

Thanks to its hydrating and anti-inflammatory capabilities, reishi mushroom can:

Protect Against Premature Aging

Thanks to environmental stressors and natural signs of aging, the skin tends to break down over time: the natural barrier becomes compromised, cells become damaged, and natural compounds like ceramides begin to deplete.

Reishi can restore those ceramides, helping to restore the barrier and create more plump, youthful skin.

Fight Redness and Irritation

Reishi mushrooms are rich in vitamin D2 and important trace minerals -- like selenium and copper -- that can support the health of the skin. They are also rich in beta-glucans, a special type of sugar that can modulate the immune system, preventing overreactions and calming dry or irritated skin. These compounds can also deeply penetrate the skin, helping other active ingredients do their job more effectively.

Fade Acne and Hyperpigmentation

Reishi has also been shown to inhibit tyrosinase, the enzyme that produces melanin and causes dark spots. This means that it can help reduce dark spots and areas of hyperpigmentation.


Beta-glucan antioxidants can also work like humectants, attracting water from the environment. The polysaccharides in reishi work much the same way, helping to deeply hydrate while decreasing fine lines and wrinkles.

Fight Free Radicals

Reishi contains powerful antioxidants, like glutathione and ergothioneine, that can enhance sun protection and prevent signs of premature aging.

Final Thoughts

Reishi is a true skincare MVP, helping to fight fine lines, reduce swelling, calm redness, and protect the skin against signs of aging and environmental stressors. So what are you waiting for? Find it in Soulmate brightening treatment.