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Ingredient Spotlight: Calendula Benefits

Do you know a botanical that’s now taking center stage? Calendula. Many skincare brands have developed entire lines around the calendula benefits, and we can find it in an array of products on the shelves (including our own Cloud Whip Face Cream, All In eye cream, and High Society night oil).

calendula benefits

Botanicals have been used in skincare for centuries. Tea tree oil, for example, has long been lauded for its acne-fighting, antibacterial properties, while rose derivatives have been known for centuries to soothe and calm, sensitive skin.

Here’s why calendula is an ingredient you should definitely incorporate into your routine (if it’s not in your skincare products already).

What Is Calendula?

Commonly known as marigold, calendula officinalis is a bright bloom that originates in Southern Europe. Calendula flowers - calendula flower petals and oil extracts in particular - have long been used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.

Their anti-inflammatory healing properties are helpful when treating issues like wounds, bruises, stomach ulcers, edema, and rashes.

Calendula skin benefits extend beyond that, though - besides managing acute conditions, the flower is also an extremely effective treatment for tissue health, dryness, and general skin regeneration. Calendula flowers are also incredibly beneficial for the hair, helping to both condition and stimulate growth.

calendula flower for skin

Calendula vs Marigold

Calendula officinalis is not the same flower as a marigold, although the two are part of the same family. The key differences lie in calendula petals - they're long, straight, and can be orange, pink, or white. Marigold petals are more rectangular-shaped, voluminous, and usually a yellow or orange color.

Calendula Plant Through History and Nowadays

Humans have leveraged calendula health benefits for centuries, using the flower as a traditional medicinal herb to treat everything from skin irritations to stomach disorders. Today, we have discovered how to use calendula in more modern ways, using the petals and oils to create creams and ointments that deeply nourish skin while providing anti-inflammatory relief.

Numerous Benefits of Calendula

In calendula skincare, the part of the plant that is usually used is the calendula extract from petals, which is pressed to extract the oil or infused in a liquid to create a serum or toner.

What is calendula good for, you may ask? The calendula herb possesses compounds that make it a powerful healer, and its uses are vast - from healing wounds to soothing skin inflammation. It can even help support the immune system and boost skin's cell turnover.

benefits of calendula

Calendula for Acne

Calendula’s anti-microbial properties make it a powerful astringent, meaning that it can draw excess oil from the surface of the skin and reduce pore size.

This makes it helpful for calming, healing, and preventing breakouts for those with acne-prone skin.

Cloud Whip Face Cream

If you're looking to experience calendula extract skin benefits first hand, why not try our Cloud Whip Face Cream? It's packed with this helpful herb - plus tons of other nourishing ingredients that your skin will love.

Cloud Whip Face Cream with calendula

Calendula for Eczema, Psoriasis, and Dermatitis

Because it is also anti-inflammatory, calendula oil is often used to soothe any kind of itching - particularly itching that’s related to psoriasis and eczema.

Also, calendula contains tannins, triterpenoids, and saponins, compounds that provide anti-inflammatory benefits and help the botanical deeply clean the skin and even heal conditions like acne or eczema.

An Anti-Aging Boost

Collagen is a protein naturally produced by the body that is one of the building blocks for your bones, skin, hair, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It keeps skin from sagging, and we produce less collagen starting in our mid-20’s (womp womp).

Well, calendula has been shown to increase collagen synthesis by 83%, making it a powerful anti-aging ingredient. It’s also shown to scavenge free radicals and prevent UVB-induced skin damage, meaning it can prevent photo-aging.

All In Eye Cream

The benefits of calendula for skin aren't exclusive to the face. When incorporated in a product like our All In Eye Cream, calendula extract can provide deep hydration, reduce puffiness and help soothe the delicate skin around your eyes.

All In Eye Cream with calendula benefits

High Society Face Oil

Calendula flower benefits for skin extend beyond creams and moisturizers. Our High Society Face Oil also makes use of the flower's beneficial compounds, providing hydration, nourishment and skin-balancing properties that can help you achieve beautiful, luminous skin.

High Society Face Oil with benefits of calendula

Ultra-Hydrating Properties

Emollients are lighter, oil-based products that work to fill in the gaps between skin cells and replace missing lipids to fortify the skin, restoring your skin’s natural barrier and giving an instantly smooth, soft feeling.

Calendula herb is an effective and gentle emollient moisturizer, which makes it an important part of any skincare routine. It’s also particularly helpful for those with dry, inflamed, irritated, or sensitive skin.

Daydreamer Natural Face Moisturizer

The Daydreamer Natural Face Moisturizer is another great product to try if you want calendula benefits for skin on the face. This lightweight moisturizer is perfect for use day or night and helps to hydrate and regenerate skin while preventing premature wrinkles.

Daydreamer Natural Face Moisturizer with calendula skin benefits

Wound-Healing Abilities

Calendula contains alkaloids, triterpenoids, flavonoids, and carotenoids - phytochemicals that trap free radicals in the body and accelerate healing from wounds and burns.

The flower can also reduce inflammation and prevent infection in wounds because of its antiseptic and antibacterial calendula properties.

Soothes Redness and Rosacea

Finally, the flavonoids, saponins, and triterpenoids in calendula can prevent the release of histamines, the chemicals known to cause redness, pain, allergies, and inflammation. This makes calendula skin care effective at soothing redness caused by rosacea, allergies, or general inflammation.

Calendula for Sunburn

Calendula salve benefits the skin in many ways - one of which is sunburn relief. Especially when combined with aloe vera cream, this ointment works to soothe the skin and offer it full protection from the sun.

Chase The Sun SPF 30 Face Moisturizer

Our Chase The Sun SPF 30 Face Moisturizer is an absolute must for those who want to reap calendula benefits in the summer. It contains aloe vera gel to help soothe sunburns, but it also has SPF 30 protection to guard you against harmful UV rays. Use solo or with any of our products that contain calendula - and you've got a mean combo to help you battle sunburn!

Chase The Sun SPF 30 Face Moisturizer

High Society Face Oil

Put the benefits of calendula on overdrive by combining Chase The Sun SPF 30 Face Moisturizer with our High Society Face Oil. This luxurious blend is highly effective at nourishing and protecting the skin, while also providing anti-inflammatory relief.

How to Use Calendula for Skin in Your Routine

Calendula flowers benefit your skin routine by infusing it with a boost of necessary vitamins and minerals. The best way to do this is to incorporate products with calendula extract into your daily regimen - whether that's a face moisturizer, eye cream, or even a face oil.

All the Serums Set

The All the Serums Set is a great way to get started if you're looking to reap the benefits of calendula for skin. This set includes our High Society Botanical Face Oil, Pep Rally Gel Radiance Serum, and Seeking C Vitamin C Serum. The perfect way to get the dewy look, the glowy look, and the ageless look in one simple routine!

All The Serums with benefits of calendula for skin

Daily Essentials Routine

Make calendula herb benefits a regular affair with the help of our Daily Essentials Routine. It contains our Cloud Whip C Cream, which is packed with calendula extract and other natural ingredients to give your skin a nourishing boost.

Daily Essentials Routine with calendula benefits

Best Week Ever Routine

Get the calendula benefits your skin deserves with the All In Eye Cream included in our Best Week Ever Routine - everything you need for a complete skin care regimen in one package!

Best Week Ever Routine with calendula benefits for skin

Calendula Side Effects and Precautions

Calendula benefits, like all things in life, don't come without strings attached. Here, we recommend avoiding use of products with calendula flowers if you have a known allergy to ragweed, daisies, marigold, or any other plant in the same family as calendula. Individuals with eczema, as well as women who are pregnant or nursing, are advised to consult their physicians before use.

The Bottom Line

Ready to see the benefits of calendula for yourself? We have a broad selection of products to choose from. Don't wait - see what this natural powerhouse can do for your skin's appearance and overall health today.