How to Scrub Your Body for Smoother Skin All Over

How to Scrub Your Body for Smoother Skin All Over

Has your skin taken on the texture of a scaly reptile? The elements can take a toll on your complexion. You might notice dry flakiness. Luckily, you can scrub your body for smoother skin all over and say goodbye to alligator skin for good!


Everyone desires smooth and radiant skin from head to toe. Exfoliation is the key to achieving that. Scrubbing your body helps remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and promote healthy skin renewal. Learning how to scrub your body for smoother skin all over helps your skin glow and feel polished.


This comprehensive guide will teach you how to exfoliate your body properly, how often you should do it, and the best products to use. By following these proper body scrubbing tips, you’ll be on your way to smoother, healthier skin all over.


Why Exfoliation Is Important

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. The process helps prevent clogged pores, reduces the occurrence of breakouts, and allows your skin to absorb moisturizers and other skincare products better.


Regular exfoliation improves skin texture, evens out skin tone, and gives your skin a delightfully healthy glow.


Choose the Right Exfoliating Products

The first step toward successful exfoliation is using the right exfoliating products. You’ll notice that there are many options available such as mechanical exfoliants like scrubs and brushes, and chemical exfoliants like alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta-hydroxy acids (BHAs).

  • Mechanical Exfoliants: These include body scrubs, loofahs, and exfoliating gloves. They are used to physically remove dead skin cells through simple friction.
  • Chemical Exfoliants: These include products with ingredients like glycolic acid, lactic acid, and salicylic acid. They dissolve dead skin cells and promote healthy skin cell turnover.


Why Choose Eight Saints’ Welcome to the Scrub Coconut Boby Scrub

We’d like to take this opportunity to share with you why we think Eight Saints’ Welcome to the Scrub Coconut Body Scrub is the bomb when it comes to picking the best body exfoliator.


Eight Saints' Welcome to the Scrub Coconut Body Scrub helps you achieve smooth, radiant skin with gentle exfoliation.


Here’s why this luxurious body scrub should be an essential part of your daily skincare routine.


Natural and Nourishing Exfoliant Ingredients

Our coconut body scrub features a blend of carefully selected natural ingredients that work together to rejuvenate your skin:

  • Organic Coconut Oil: This key ingredient melts into your skin, sealing in moisture and reducing inflammation. Its all-natural antimicrobial properties protect your skin from harmful bacteria, while also helping to treat body acne, bumps, and blemishes.
  • Natural Cane Sugar: Cane sugar acts as a gentle exfoliant, buffing away dry, dead skin cells without irritating. It leaves your skin smooth and radiant.
  • Vitamin E: A powerhouse antioxidant, vitamin E defends your skin from pollution and environmental irritants, while protecting against dryness and irritation.


Benefits of Using Welcome to the Scrub Coconut Body Scrub

Regular use of our coconut body scrub offers numerous benefits:

  • Effective Exfoliation: The natural cane sugar gently exfoliates, removing dead skin cells and smoothing rough patches.
  • Deep Hydration: Organic coconut oil deeply hydrates your skin, locking in moisture and preventing dryness.
  • Protection and Treatment: The antimicrobial properties of coconut oil help protect your skin from bacteria, while also addressing body acne and blemishes. Vitamin E adds an extra layer of protection against environmental damage.


Tips on How to Use

For best results, do not exfoliate if your skin is sunburned or irritated, and avoid using the body scrub on your face. For facial exfoliation, opt for our Zen Out of Ten Bamboo Detox Face Scrub.


Eight Saints' Welcome to the Scrub Coconut Body Scrub’s blend of organic coconut oil, natural cane sugar, and vitamin E ensures your skin is not only exfoliated but also deeply nourished and protected.


Post-Exfoliation Treatment Product Pick

After exfoliating with Eight Saints' Welcome to the Scrub Coconut Body Scrub, your skin deserves the best in hydration and nourishment. That’s where the Coco Cocoa Crème Triple Whip Coconut Body Butter comes in.


This absolutely luxurious body butter is designed to calm, soften, and deeply hydrate your skin, making it the perfect follow-up to your exfoliation routine.


Here’s why this product stands out.


Triple Whipped Perfection

The Coco Cocoa Crème Body Butter is triple whipped to create a lightweight, velvety texture that melts into your skin. This unique consistency ensures that the body butter is absorbed quickly, providing immediate and long-lasting hydration without any greasy residue.


Nourishing and Soothing Ingredients

Our body butter is formulated with a blend of natural ingredients that deliver maximum hydration and nourishment:

  • Shea Butter: Known for its rich moisturizing properties, shea butter helps to soothe and soften the skin. It’s packed with vitamins and fatty acids that nourish and protect.
  • Cocoa Butter: Cocoa butter is excellent for improving skin elasticity and creating a protective barrier that locks in moisture. Its natural antioxidants help repair and rejuvenate your skin.
  • Coconut Oil: This main ingredient provides deep hydration and has anti-inflammatory properties that calm irritated skin. Coconut oil is also known for its ability to restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier.
  • Pure Seed Extracts: These extracts deliver essential fatty acids that help repair and strengthen the skin’s barrier, ensuring your skin remains hydrated and healthy.


Our Coco Cocoa Crème Body Butter not only provides exceptional skin benefits but also offers a luxurious experience. Its natural creamy coconut and cocoa scent is both soothing and invigorating. We believe it’s the perfect body butter to start your day or to unwind before bed.


Benefits of Using Coco Cocoa Crème Post-Exfoliation

Enhanced Hydration: Following exfoliation, your skin is more receptive to moisture. Our Coco Cocoa Crème Body Butter deeply hydrates, ensuring your skin stays soft and supple.

  • Skin Repair: The essential fatty acids from pure seed extracts help repair any micro-damage caused during exfoliation, promoting healthier skin.
  • Barrier Protection: The combination of shea, cocoa, and coconut oils creates a protective barrier that locks in moisture and protects against environmental stressors.
  • Immediate Absorption: The lightweight, whipped texture ensures the body butter sinks in quickly, providing instant relief and hydration without a greasy feel.


How to Exfoliate Your Body

Knowing how to exfoliate your body correctly is a must so you can achieve the best results.


Below is a step-by-step guide:


1. Wet Your Skin

Dampen your skin before you apply an exfoliant. This helps the product glide smoothly over your skin. It also reduces the risk of irritation.


The best time to exfoliate is in the shower or bath when your skin is already wet and softened by the warm water. The steam, humidity, and water help to open the pores to effectively clear out debris and prevent breakouts. Opening the pores also helps the skin more readily absorb moisturizers, serums, and more.


2. Apply the Exfoliant

Take a small amount of your chosen exfoliant and apply it to your skin. Consider using a cotton ball, sponge, or washcloth for application. Use gentle, circular motions to rub the product over your body. Focus on areas that tend to be rough or dry, like elbows, knees, and heels.


For an exfoliant like our Welcome to the Scrub Coconut Body Scrub, scoop out a generous amount and massage it directly onto your skin. The coconut oil in this scrub exfoliates and hydrates your skin, leaving it wonderfully soft and smooth.


3. Be Gentle

It’s important to be gentle with your skin when exfoliating. Applying too much pressure can irritate your skin and cause micro-tears. Let the scrub do the work for you. If you’re using a chemical exfoliant, follow the instructions on the product packaging for proper use.


4. Rinse Thoroughly

After you’ve exfoliated your entire body, rinse off the product thoroughly with warm water. Make sure there’s no residue left on your skin, as this can lead to irritation or a greasy feeling on the skin.


5. Moisturize

Exfoliation can sometimes leave your skin feeling dry, so it’s essential to follow up with a good moisturizer.


Apply a rich body butter like Coco Cocoa Creme Body Butter to lock in hydration and soothe your skin. This product is packed with nourishing ingredients like cocoa butter and coconut oil, which deeply moisturize and repair your skin.


How Often Should You Exfoliate Your Body?

The frequency of exfoliation depends on your skin type and the product you’re using. Generally, you should consider exfoliating your body 2-3 times a week. However, if you have sensitive skin, you might want to start with once a week and see how your skin reacts. If there is irritation then you can cut back on the frequency.

  • Sensitive Skin: Exfoliate once a week.
  • Normal Skin: Exfoliate 2-3 times a week.
  • Oily Skin: You can exfoliate up to 3 times a week, as your skin may be more prone to clogged pores.

Over-exfoliating can strip your skin of natural oils, leading to dryness and irritation. Always listen to your skin and adjust the frequency accordingly.


How to Use a Body Scrub in the Shower

Using a body scrub in the shower is convenient and effective.


Here’s how to exfoliate your body:


  1. Wet Your Skin: Start by thoroughly wetting your skin with warm water.
  2. Apply the Scrub: Take a small amount of body scrub and massage it onto your skin in circular motions.
  3. Focus on Rough Areas: Spend extra time on areas that are prone to roughness such as the elbows, knees, and heels.
  4. Rinse Off: Rinse the scrub off completely with warm water.
  5. Pat Dry: Gently pat your skin dry with a towel. Avoid rubbing, as this can irritate your freshly exfoliated skin.
  6. Moisturize: Apply a moisturizer to effectively lock in hydration.


Best Practices for Exfoliating Your Body

To get the most out of your exfoliation routine try the following routine:


Avoid Over-Exfoliating

You’ll want to avoid over-exfoliating. A little bit of a good thing can be too much. Over-exfoliation can damage your skin barrier and lead to dryness and irritation.


Stick to the recommended frequency and always be gentle. Avoid excessive scrubbing or pulling.


Pay Attention to Your Skin

Everyone’s skin is different. Pay close attention to how your skin reacts to exfoliation. You’ll want to adjust your routine as needed. If you experience any redness, irritation, or discomfort, reduce the frequency of exfoliation, change products, or try a different product.


Use Natural Body Scrubs

Natural body scrubs, like Welcome to the Scrub Coconut Body Scrub, are a great option for those who prefer gentle, skin-friendly ingredients.


Many natural body scrubs contain nourishing oils and natural exfoliants that provide effective results without harsh chemicals.



Exfoliating your body is a necessary step in achieving smooth, radiant skin. By knowing how to exfoliate properly, using the right products, and following best practices, you can enhance your skincare routine and enjoy the benefits of soft, healthy skin.


Whether you choose a natural body scrub like Welcome to the Scrub Coconut Body Scrub or a rich moisturizer like Coco Cocoa Creme Body Butter, incorporating these products into your routine will help you maintain beautiful, glowing skin all year round.


Remember, exfoliation consistency is key. Exfoliate regularly but don’t overdo it - everything is best in moderation. Listen to your skin and adjust your routine as needed.


With these tips, you can scrub your body for smoother skin all over and achieve radiant, silky skin. , you’ll be well on your way to achieving the smooth, silky skin you’ve always wanted.