How to Combine Makeup and Skincare Products

How to Combine Makeup and Skincare Products

Life on earth is a delicate balance. Plants, animals and weather all interact to create harmonious ecosystems and sustain our way of life. Each part of an environment plays its role: bees collect pollen and fertilize flowers and trees, trees create oxygen, and so on. Like the planet we live on our personal makeup and skincare routines, preferences and habits should complement and work with each other. Figuring out your personal equation of how to combine makeup with skincare can be complicated; like the earth's geology we know there are LAYERS to these things!

Makeup and Skincare Gone Wrong: Warning Signs

You've just finished your personally curated restorative and refreshing morning skincare routine. You're getting ready and start applying your look for the day. Suddenly you realize your makeup is pilling!

Is your foundation claggy? Simply not sitting right or playing well with others? This is not the smooth seamless aesthetic you're going for. But WHY is my makeup pilling? What could have gone wrong?

Skincare Product Incompatibility

If your skin feels or looks irritated after completing your skincare and makeup routine, try skipping products in your routine to try to identify in one particular product is the culprit.

Excessively Dry or Oily Skin

Mixing certain makeup and skincare products may disrupt the skin's natural balance, causing excessive dryness or oiliness. For example, using a mattifying foundation over a drying skincare product may lead to overly dry and flaky skin. Make sure your makeup with skincare program isn't working at cross purposes.

Sensitive and Irritated Skin

Some makeup and skincare products contain ingredients that can increase skin sensitivity, and layering makeup over them may exacerbate this effect. Especially if you have a sensitive skin type, combining products with different chemical compositions might cause irritation, redness, or allergic reactions. Eight Saints strives to keep things clean and simple and uses natural active ingredients in our formulas to try to minimize these effects.

What To Do If You Have a Skincare Makeup Clash

If your skincare isn’t vibing with your makeup, the best thing to do is make sure you’re following a proper skincare routine and applying your products in the correct order.

Best Skincare Routine to Combine with Makeup

Start with a Clean Canvas

Before applying any makeup or skincare products, cleanse your face thoroughly to remove dirt, oil, and any residual products from your skin. This creates a clean base for both skincare and makeup and will set the stage for everything else in your routine. Our water-based Down to Earth Gel Cleanser is a great way to start and get back to that base layer feeling.

Featuring natural cleansing ingredients like Kaolin and French Clay, our gel face wash gently absorbs excess oil and unclogs pores without stripping away your skin’s essential moisture. The result is the perfect base for applying your makeup.

Get Even Cleaner with Toner

Our Coast Is Clear Face Toner absorbs any dirt or oil hiding in your pores after cleansing, revealing your freshest skin! The bottom line is that less gunk hiding on your facial skin makes it more likely that your skincare and makeup will get along.

In addition to laying a clean base for your makeup, our oil-absorbing natural toner promotes skin healing for a brighter, more renewed complexion with healing minerals like magnesium, calcium, zinc, and potassium.

Hydrate to the Max with a Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Although many people skip this step, we highly recommend applying a hyaluronic acid serum - such as our Pep Rally Face Serum - to flood skin cells with hydration, making your skin as happy as possible before applying makeup.

In addition to better prepping your skin for makeup application, our oil-based Pep Rally Face Serum defends your skin against wrinkles and other signs of aging. We call that a win-win!

Protect Your Skin with Face Moisturizer

The next step in your pre-makeup skincare routine is applying face moisturizer. Say after me: No skincare routine is complete without face moisturizer.

Use our Daydreamer Restorative Face Moisturizer to lock in the moisture your skin gains from your hyaluronic acid serum. Our natural face moisturizer locks in hydration by forming a protective cushion around your skin with jojoba oil, while geranium flower extract and coca seed butter nourish and soothe your skin.

After applying face moisturizer, your skin will be well-prepared for makeup application.

Makeup Tips/How To

If you have your skincare routine down it's time for makeup! Here's a quick guide and some makeup tips if you're running into issues.


  • Applying a thin layer of primer can create a smooth base for your makeup and to help it last longer throughout the day. If you have oily skin or want to blur the appearance of pores, focus on those areas. Primers can be optional!
  • Next apply your preferred foundation or tinted moisturizer to even out your skin tone. You can use a brush, sponge, or clean fingers to blend it into your skin. Choose a shade that matches your skin tone for a natural look.
  • Dab a small amount of concealer on any blemishes, dark circles, or areas that need extra coverage. Gently blend it in with your fingertips or a concealer brush. Add blush, bronzer for color or contouring. But if you're finding your products aren't meshing as well as you hoped it might be time to use a little less. Over-use does not equate to making your skin more hydrated or plump but can, in fact, can cause pilling. Start with a less is more approach if your makeup is reacting unexpectedly can help you judge where the tipping point is.
  • Make sure that each layer is fully dry before you apply the next one. This is a must! Allowing the time for the product to absorb into the skin will allow other creams and makeup to play nicely.

Have you tried all these tips and are still having application issues? It might be your setting spray. Some setting sprays dry with a tacky feel and could cause pilling or clumping. Make sure the spray you are using works with your skincare and makeup products and not against them.

Bringing It All Together

Everyone, every face and every routine are different, sometimes two friends who you absolutely love individually one-on-one just don't vibe with each other when they finally meet. It can be perplexing! The same can be true of makeup and skincare products. It's not to say any product is at fault. It might be makeup with a highly specialized function that doesn't quite fit in other contexts. You know your face and body better than anyone so making the choices about what stays and goes is up to you.

Our products are designed and formulated with YOU in mind, by using natural ingredients our skincare products are gentle on your skin and pair perfectly with makeup. So treat your skincare ecosystem to some Eight Saints and get your skincare and makeup working in perfect harmony.