Holiday Gift Guide Roundup!

Holiday Gift Guide Roundup!

It’s officially that time of year! To help you enjoy your holiday season by spending more time with your families and less time online, we have curated a gift guide for the person in your life who loves all things makeup, skincare, and personal well-being. Shop the best gift ideas to keep her fresh-faced and glowing!

Eight Saints Discovery Kit: The Discovery Kit is like 11 mini gifts wrapped up in one! Try out our entire line of all-natural, cruelty-free goodness. The kit is the perfect introduction to all of our products so the perfect skincare routine can be assembled.

Beauty Sleep to Go! Travel Set: You don’t always look cute when you wake up from a good night's rest but you are sure to look cute while you fall asleep. Your tired friend will thank you.

Eight Saints Cloud Whip C Cream: Imagine what a cloud would feel like, now bottle it up and you have Cloud Whip. This fluffy, whipped, cream is packed with vitamins C and antioxidants that block free radicals, fade sunspots, and prevent discoloration while locking in moisture.

Eight Saints Cosmetic Case: If you have someone who’s notoriously difficult to shop for (we all have that one person), our G.O.A.T Tote is a ready-made gift. This cosmetic case is perfectly sized to tote your whole mini skincare routine.

Eight Saints Daydreamer Moisturizer: Help a girl out as the weather gets cold and the air turns dry. Never a good combo for the skin. Daydreamer blends an array of our favorite organic oils and botanicals with plenty of hyaluronic acid for its over 1,000 times moisture-binding ability. Skin stays hydrated and refreshed throughout the day. 

Light Up Mirror: It’s a “leveled up” mirror. Like the most “extra” mirror out there. This vanity mirror features five brightness levels AND has Bluetooth connectivity… You can take a selfie hands-free. Enough said.

Eight Saints Mini Brightside Cleanser: Every beauty lover NEEDS this product in their rotation. Brightside is a soft and gentle cream cleanser that removes traces of makeup and oil buildup without drying or irritating the skin. 

Crystal Headband: There is never a wrong time to wear a crystal-embellished headband. This Blair Waldorf approved accessory is the perfect add on to any festive lewk. And whoever said “less is more” was very wrong when it comes to these beauties.

Eight Saints No Plans Rose Mask: It’s tough to stay on top of EVERYTHING and that is where our No Plans Rose Mask comes to the rescue. This mask works double-time to maintain hydration and detox your skin, so you can check flawless skin off your new year’s resolution list.

Scented Candle: Anyone who has scrolled through Instagram has seen a large scented candle. An influencer favorite, these beautiful French jars of wax usually sit atop a Tom Ford coffee table book and are guaranteed to be a great gift to that “bougie” (in the best way possible) friend. 

Eight Saints All In Eye Cream: If this product was an emoji, it would be for sure be the two hands held up in the air (and you always say "ahhhhh" when you type it). All In is the holy grail of eye creams, it has everything you want. We call it a “what’s in your bag” necessity because it’s got you covered; minimizing expression lines, de-puffs and reduces under-eye bags and dark circles. 

Fluffy Slippers: For purely practical reasons, slippers are cold-weather essentials and a perfect gift. These just happen to be practical, cozy and cute. The perfect trifecta.

Eight Saints Minis x 7: Our whole line of minis it one set. Forget about how cute they are, they are great for traveling or for someone new to the whole skincare game - the perfect gift for anyone!. The Minis x 7 kit is going to give the full Eight Saints treatment.