5 Things That People With Healthy, Glowing Skin Do

5 Things That People With Healthy, Glowing Skin Do

Do you ever look at that one friend - or even that one random person on the street - who has glowing, fresh-from-the-gym, photoshoot-ready skin and think how?  Maybe they’ve mastered the no-makeup makeup look, or maybe they’ve gotten a ton of plastic surgery. Or maybe - just maybe - they’ve cracked the skincare code and figured out how to get clear, flawless skin all on their own.

Well, we talked to the people who fall in the latter category about how  they turned the dream of healthy, glowing skin into a reality. The good news? Nothing on this list is insane, expensive, or exclusive. Rather, it’s a collection of small and totally doable habits that you can incorporate into your routine every day.

1. They Assess What Their Skin Needs Each. And. Every. Day

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Yes, you have a skin type (if you’re not sure what it is, you can figure it out here). And yes, you can have a skin condition - like dryness, flaking, or a shiny t-zone - that you consistently deal with. But that doesn’t mean that you pick one suite of products and stick to them no matter what.

Even if you have a cleanser that leaves your face feeling clean without getting tight or a moisturizer that leaves you hydrated without an extra shine, it doesn’t mean you should use those products every day.

Instead, look in the mirror and pay attention to what your skin needs that day- then treat it accordingly. Breaking out? Maybe add a clarifying mask or an astringent to tackle the congestion head-on. Looking especially dry on your nose? Maybe you need to apply a night cream in the morning for extra moisture.

And, of course, don’t exclude the things that your skin always needs (but that you may be neglecting) like sunscreen and consistent makeup removal.

2. They Eat For Their Skin

Some girls load up on blueberries - which are packed with anthocyanins, a compound that strengthens skin’s collagen - while others may sip on collagen-boosting bone broth or dine on fatty-acid rich nuts and fish. But everyone with great, glowing skin understands that their healthy skin starts from within.

This also means avoiding those red-flag ingredients that are known to exacerbate breakouts and inflammation (looking at you, junk food and sugar).

Now, you might be thinking yeah, not going to happen. I can’t cut out my coffee cream and sip on bone broth all day long.And you don’t have to. It’s just about taking the small step to consistentlystart incorporating these good-for-you ingredients into your routine. Our suggestion? Start with things that you enjoy! Green tea, for example, is packed with youth-boosting antioxidants, and many superfruits can give you some added vitamins and nutrition while packing a delicious punch.

3. They Get Their Circulation Going

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If you want clear skin, getting your blood flowing is one of the best things you can do. Good circulation can help the body wash away toxins, heal wounds, and address dullness or other skin concerns.

That’s why the experts get their blood moving in some way, shape, or form. Yes, this can mean exercise, which can not only get your circulation going but also lower your cortisol levels and decrease hormonal breakouts. But if you don’t have the time or the energy for the workout, It can also be something as simple as standing on your head before bed to get a cleansing rush of blood to your head. Apparently it’s a trick that some fitness experts use on a nightly basis - though we recommend you start by lying on the bed and hanging your head off the side so you don’t get toomuch of a rush.

4. They Incorporate Antioxidants and Oils

Healthy, glowing skin requires an intact natural barrier. Your barrier protects your skin and prevents any “bad guys” - like UV radiation, pollution, bacteria, dirt, and toxins - from passing through. It also maintains proper hydration, balances lipid levels, and maintains your Natural Moisturizing Factor (which, as you could probably guess, is very important).

But very few women have a barrier that’s as healthy as it should be. Most of the time, it’s been stripped away by things like environmental stressors, over-exfoliation, hot showers, or harsh chemicals on the skin.

People with glowing skin know this and work on making sure that their barrier is as healthy as possible. That means incorporating:

  • Replenishing botanical oils with lots of fatty acids that can help repair barrier function and protect delicate skin
  • Antioxidants -which include vitamin E and vitamin C - to protect against free radical damage.
  • Sunscreen: Again, sunscreen is always important since it can help protect against pollutants and UV damage. Bonus points if you find one with antioxidants incorporated into the formulation.

5. They Hydrate

A dry face is an old face - even if you’re 16. It sounds harsh, but it’s true.

In the relatively short term, consistent dryness and dehydration can lead to uneven skin texture, poor skin tone, dullness, breakouts, and inflammation.

In the long-term, it can exacerbate wrinkles, affect collagen production, negatively impact cell turnover, and pretty much send your skin into Snapchat old filter territory.

That’s why skincare experts never let hydration go by the wayside. This means getting enough good fluids - like filtered water, coconut water, green tea, and herbal tea - and maintaining good skin hydration with deep moisturizers like hyaluronic acid and cocoa seed butter. Bonus points if you also add anti-aging, restorative ingredients like vitamin C and peptides.

And there you have it - the 5 habits that people with healthy, glowing skin keep up with every day in order to get the skin of their dreams. Give it a try and see how you do.