As someone who's covered the beauty industry for the last seven years, I can't help but be in favor of "clean" creations. The FDA has companies provide their own proof that products are safe, and unfortunately, that can be exploited; asbestos can linger in talc for years and hormone disruptors can remain in products, despite environmental scientists raising the alarm. So I prioritize brands like Eight Saints, which disavows problematic ingredients in favor of responsible, effective ones. And per shoppers, its Pep Rally serum "definitely reduces" wrinkles.   

If you're not familiar with the woman-owned brand, it focuses on eight hero ingredients to create skincare that delivers benefits without risk (hence the brand's name). Hyaluronic acid is one such all-star: As board-certified dermatologist Dr. Lian Mack previously told InStyle, the humectant helps skin hold onto water, which makes it look plump and smooth. The ingredient is front and center in Pep Rally, alongside pore-minimizing witch hazel, brightening vitamin C, antioxidant-heavy vitamin E and green tea, and moisturizing glycerin, aloe, and jojoba oil. 

Per fans on Amazon and the brand's website, the combination does fantastic things for wrinkles, dry skin, and dullness. "I can already tell a huge difference in the texture of my skin," wrote one commenter of the "visibly smaller" fine lines and pores they saw within a week. Another reviewer was just as impressed after six months of use; they noted smoother skin, fewer wrinkles, and less redness and oiliness from the slightly mattifying favorite.    

Eight Saints Pep Rally

The proof is in the pudding: Of the Pep Rally serum's 100 reviews on Eight Saints' website, 98 awarded the item five stars, while the remaining two went for four (while some companies curate their reviews, the serum's Amazon ratings follow a similar pattern). The potion keeps shoppers' skin "supple and bouncy," without any of the stickiness that can plague other hyaluronic serums. In its place is skin that feels "like silk," as one person put it

Even at $46, people said the "fantastic" results are "worth every penny" — especially because it brightens with a "light and refreshing" scent as it shrinks laugh lines and forehead wrinkles. "I can't even begin to tell you how much I love Pep Rally," began a last patron, who added that the serum has ended their 30-year quest for effective skincare. "My skin looks better now, at almost 40, than it did when I was younger."  

Intrigued? Grab the anti-ager for $46 on the brand's website or Amazon.