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What’s the Deal With Lash Serums?

We’ve all heard about lash serums, and you’ve likely read or watched your fair share of glowing reviews saying how they “replaced false lashes” or changed womens’ eye makeup game altogether.

But, if you’ve been paying attention, you’ve likely also heard the negative reviews too – those that explain how these serums don’t work or, even worse, how they can damage your eyes and your skin.

So what’s the truth? And should you consider using a lash growth serum? Here’s what we found out.

What Are Lash Serums?

First thing’s first: what are lash serums, and how are they supposed to work?

The overall idea is that these serums work to volumize, strengthen, and lengthen natural lashes, replacing falsies and providing instant (well, after a few months) I-woke-up-like-this fabulousness.

And there are a few different typesof serums on the market.

Lash Conditioners

First, and most commonly, there are many over-the-counter products that work as lash conditioners. These usually contain some combination of ingredients meant to strengthen lashes, like:

  • Amino acids, which can build healthier hair follicles
  • Ceramides, which work to lock in hair moisture
  • Panthenol, which can hydrate lashes and protect them against breakage
  • Peptides, which can deeply strengthen and nourish hair
  • Biotin, which strengthens hair’s keratin

These formulas ultimately make lashes healthier and less prone to breakage over time. That said, they don’t usually actively promote new lash growth.

Pharmaceutical Lash Growth Serums

Then there are pharmaceutical lash growth serums like Latisse. Latisse is made with a synthetic hormone called bimatoprost. It was initially created to help treat glaucoma, but doctors found that it – surprise – also boosted lash growth! Legitimately.

How? Well, the lashes go through three stages of growth: the anagen phase (the phase of active growth), the catagen phase (the phase of transition), and the telogen phase (the resting phase). Latisse can actually extend the anagen phase, making your lashes literally grow more.

That said, this is pretty heavy duty stuff. Latisse is also probably the most controversial lash serum around, as many women noticed pretty major side effects like dry eyes, eye irritation, blurry vision, eye redness, and even permanent darkening of the iris. Not great.

Are Lash Serums Safe?

eyelash serums eight saints skincare

Now let’s get into the nitty gritty: are these serums safe? After all, the eyes are the most sensitive organ, so it’s important that anything we apply topically won’t cause any harm.

The short version: yes, they should be safe. That said, it also depends on the person. Some people can have adverse reaction to certain peptides, vitamins, or oils (while other people can be totally fine). So you should play it safe if you have sensitive skin, allergies, or if you’re prone to skin redness, itchiness, or inflammation.

You should also be careful if you have a pre-existing eye condition, and this can up your chances of having some kind of reaction.

So Is It Worth the Investment?

Are lash serums worth the investment when all is said and done? For many of us, the answer is yes. That’s because our lashes tend to take a beating. Genetics, menopause, aging – they all often result in hormonal imbalances that lead to thinning hair.

Add to that makeup, eye scrubbing, and day-to-day wear and tear, and our lashes can be left hanging on by a thread. The right serum can help, just like the right skincare can help restore a compromised natural barrier.

The final verdict: If you’ve got less-than-fluttering lashes, give them a try!