What Is Skin Flooding?

What Is Skin Flooding?

Are you doing your normal skincare routine but still not feeling as moisturized as you want? Are you reapplying and spritzing all day every day?


If you've been on skincare TikTok lately (it can be hard to avoid it!) you've probably seen the skin flooding trend. It sounds like something from the national weather center, but it's really a new spin on a classic technique!


Flood the Zone

If you are looking for a dewy, supple sheen for your skin it might be time to open the gates and start flooding skin on the regular. The skin flooding technique involves applying multiple layers of moisturizer to your skin. This approach can offer several benefits for your skin:

  • Enhanced Hydration: Layering moisturizers helps lock in moisture and provides your skin with an extra dose of hydration. This is especially beneficial if you struggle with dry or dehydrated skin.
  • Improved Barrier Function: By applying multiple layers of moisturizer, you can strengthen your skin's natural barrier, which helps prevent moisture loss and protects your skin from environmental damage and stresses.
  • Customized Skincare: Different areas of your face may have varying skincare needs. Layering lets you tailor your treatments to specific areas, addressing different issues like dryness, excessive oil, or sensitivity.
  • Skin Soothing: Some moisturizers contain soothing ingredients like niacinamide and green tea. Layering these products can help your skin take a break from irritation and dryness.
  • Long-lasting Hydration: Layering a lightweight, fast-absorbing moisturizer underneath a thicker one can build a powerful base layer to keep your skin hydrated from day to night.
  • Improved Absorption of Active Ingredients: If you use skincare products like serums or treatments, skin flooding with moisturizer can help improve the absorption and effectiveness of active ingredients into your skin.
  • Plumping Effect: Layering moisturizers can give your skin a plump and radiant appearance, making fine lines and wrinkles appear less noticeable.
  • Sealing Serums: If you add serums with active ingredients, skin flooding moisturizer on top of those can help seal in and boost the serums' targeted effects.
  • Sunscreen Compatibility: Layering moisturizer can be particularly useful when applying sunscreen. It ensures your sunscreen is spread evenly and provides a smooth base for applying makeup.
  • Comfort Layers: Skin flooding can create a comfortable, protective hydration barrier on your skin, which is especially nice in harsh weather conditions and temperatures.


Your New Skin Flooding Routine

At Eight Saints we always have you covered. Our range of natural skincare products is designed to work well alone or in unison. So If you are considering skin flooding for that fresh plump, ultra-hydrated aesthetic we, of course, have a plan and a solution. So if your skin is feeling parched stick with us as we go over the best products for very dry skin. Open the floodgates!


Here are five fabulous products that blend seamlessly together to give you a total skin flooding power pack.


Step 1: Down to Earth Cleanser

We like to stay grounded and keep things simple with a fresh and clear start. Our Down To Earth Gel Cleanser is the first stage of your skin flooding regimen.


This cleanser, infused with natural pink kaolin and French green clays, detoxifies and restores your skin by removing excess oil and unclogging pores, giving you a fresh feeling to build on. Just use one to two pumps, add water to lather, and gently massage it onto your face in an upward circular motion. It's great for various skin types, especially normal, oily, or combination skin, leaving you refreshed with a natural citrus scent and added vitamin C for skin clarity. Rinse with warm water to finish.


Step 2: Coast Is Clear Face toner

Now that your skin is clean it's time to tone. With skin flooding, balancing and toning is important to set the stage for the hydration deluge that's to come.


Our Coast Is Clear Face Toner is an oil-absorbing witch hazel toner that absorbs any residual dirt and oil without drying your skin out. It also features the potent anti-inflammatory vitamin B5, which fortifies and stabilizes your skin barrier, increasing the amount of water your skin can hold. Once you start flooding you are going to want those moisture-boosting superpowers.


Step 3: Pep Rally Face Serum

Now that your skin is ready to absorb moisture, it's time to open the floodgates. Face serums are a great way to build a lasting foundation and routine of hydration.


Our Pep Rally Face Serum is a fast-acting, lightweight gel hyaluronic acid serum. Rejuvenating and shielding your skin from free radicals, Pep Rally Face Serum leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized.


It harnesses the power of hyaluronic acid for long-lasting hydration, natural ingredients such as green tea for its antioxidant and soothing properties, MSM to preserve collagen and amino acids, and Vitamin C to combat pollutants that lead to fine lines and wrinkles.


Step 4: Night Shift Hydration Gel

After all that pep it's time to shift gears, our Night Shift Hydration Gel is a Peptide-rich anti-aging face hydration gel moisturizer.


What does that mean?


Well if you thought your moisturization journey was over, think again! This gel moisturizer is non-greasy and non-sticky, offering a deep deluge of hydration to your skin. Peptides and organic licorice root are the active ingredients that stimulate collagen production and help eliminate fine lines while evening out the overall look of your skin. And its lightweight formula makes it perfect for layering with the other products in your new skin flooding routine.


Step 5: Up the Anti Anti-Aging Cream

Our final flood layer is our highly beloved InStyle Magazine editor's pick Up The Anti Anti-Aging Night Cream. It's one of our most beloved products and for good reasons.


This natural anti-aging surface cream leaves you feeling fresh and vibrant. Up the Anti works its magic overnight to restore and hydrate your skin, locking in moisture and utilizing active natural ingredients like niacinamide (Vitamin B-3), which boosts ceramide, elastin, and keratin production. Each is essential for healthy, firm, and revitalized skin, helping to prevent wrinkles and fine lines and bolster your skin's natural barrier.


It's called a night cream but also works great as a daytime finishing layer if you are doing a skin flooding spa day.


Flooded with Compliments

Whether you have a locked-in routine or are always experimenting with new products and techniques, skin flooding is a fun trend to boost your skin's moisture. Our products are carefully created to work well together, each targeting different areas and with unique benefits. Best of all they will leave you feeling dewy and fresh without any heavy residue or greasy aftereffects. The compliments to your healthy dewy skin are sure to flood in!