What Is a Skincare Cocktail?

What Is a Skincare Cocktail?

Now, we don’t mean pour yourself a cocktail prior to skincare application (although we also won’t stop you), we’re talking about a slightly different type of cocktail today.

Skincare cocktailing refers to the mixing and matching of ingredients/products and the correct layering of ingredients/products to create a personal skincare routine that is most effective for your skin type and needs. For example, if you are specifically looking to brighten your skin, fight those pesky wrinkles, or clear up some dry patches.

The success of skincare cocktailing depends on the order of how you apply the ingredients and the ingredients themselves. Making sure you layer your products in the proper order can not only make your regime more effective but make your products work harder - ending in more radiant results.

No one Knows Your Skin Like You

Crafting the perfect skincare cocktail for your skin type doesn’t have to be only for skincare aficionados. You know your skin and you know what issues you are trying to solve. The rest? That is what we are for! We are, of course, always here to help you craft the perfect skincare routine and can provide the resources, products, and advice you need to do just that.

Time to Cocktail

Leave the shakers for the actual cocktails and always apply your products separately. We do NOT recommend combining any products prior to application as this will change their composition and can cause issues with the active ingredients.

Keep It Simple

A skincare cocktail can sound overwhelming to some. But just like a classic cocktail, you don’t always need a lot of ingredients to make it good. Sometimes, the best skincare cocktails have the fewest ingredients and this is the approach we recommend.

Prep your skin for your skincare cocktail the way you would any classic skincare routine. Cleanse the face to ensure you are starting with fresh, clean skin and exfoliate a few times a week to rid the skin of dead skin cells that can get in the way of product absorption.

Layer Your Products Correctly

The general rule of thumb we follow when applying skincare products correctly is to apply from thinnest to thickest in consistency. Start with your toners and serums and then follow these with your thicker products, like creams.

Starting with a thinner, water-based serum like our hyaluronic acid serum, Pep Rally Face Serum, will ensure the product can fully absorb into the skin providing the most moisture to the skin it can.

For each layer of skincare applied, you are locking in the previous product applied. If you follow your serum with a cream like our vitamin C cream, Cloud Whip, you are creating a moisture seal so that your serum can work to hydrate your skin all day long. While protecting the product previously applied, Cloud Whip will also protect your skin from free radicals and outside elements.

Every rule of thumb needs a rulebreaker though. Enter, oils. Although they may appear thinner than some creams we recommend ending your routine with any oils you might use. The oil creates a truly protective barrier to lock in any active ingredients in both your serums and creams resulting in the best final step for any evening routine.

Timing Is Everything

When layering your skincare products correctly you also need to pay attention to timing. Allow each product to soak in and dry on your skin before applying the next. A very obvious sign you aren’t allowing enough time in between products? They will start to pill.

If you notice any pilling of products on your face this means they didn’t have enough time to sink in and you just need to allow a little more dry time in between product applications.

Mix and Match Skincare

When building your own personal skincare cocktail you do need to pay attention to active ingredients. There are certain actives that shouldn’t be mixed, and if mixed, can cause more damage than good to your skin.

Keep your eye on your acids. You don’t want to over-exfoliate the skin so make sure you aren’t using too many AHAs like glycolic acid and/or salicylic acid. Additionally, if using an AHA in your daytime routine, make sure you follow it up with an SPF to protect your newly exfoliated skin. In reality, we recommend ending any daytime routine with SPF, but that’s a different article.

Again, if using an AHA, avoid vitamin C as this is also an acid. Combining vitamin C with an AHA can alter vitamin C’s pH level, making it pretty useless in your routine.

Skincare BFFs

Use complimentary active ingredients. If you are using any product that sensitizes the skin make sure you add a product that soothes the skin to avoid any dryness or irritation.

For example, if you are using a glycolic acid make sure to also add a hyaluronic acid or niacinamide that will make up for any moisture lost from the exfoliant.
One good thing about Eight Saints is that our products are all made to be safely used together. If you are using solely Eight Saints products, we still recommend ensuring you are making up for any moisture lost from exfoliating products with a soothing, hydrating product, but you don’t need to worry about what can or can’t be applied together.

Skincare Cocktails for Everyone

You shouldn’t have to force your skin to fit a routine cocktail. Build a skincare cocktail that works best for you and your skin concerns. And don’t forget, we are here for any and all questions or concerns! Some might say we are the niacinamide to your glycolic acid.
Go get ‘em, skincare BFF.