In Real Life

In Real Life

We asked a few of our fans to elaborate on their Eight Saints experiences - the ways they are using the products and how they are helping!

Mid Day Refresh

Megan C.

Since I hit my 30's my skin tends to show "makeup wrinkles" half way through the day. Once, before running into a 2pm meeting, I grabbed my Cloud Whip cream and quickly smoothed it under my eyes in desperation! I was surprised to find out my foundation stayed in place underneath and the cream just helped hydrate the dried makeup. Now instead of touching up makeup, I add a dab of C cream in the afternoon wherever my skin feels dry. The fresh lemony scent and cool cream on my face is also an instant mood boost!  

How I Quit Foundation

Amy M.

For years I needed to re-apply my foundation at least once a day. It was an annoying habit but I felt my skin was SO uneven and blemish prone. I was embarrassed to be at the gym without makeup! I had heard of acid exfoliators, but when I had tried them in the past my skin burned and the smell of the product was so awful. I gave up! My friend recommended Soulmate and told me to stick with it. After the second week of use I truly noticed much clearer skin – no random pimples and red blotches. One night I quickly threw on mascara and lip gloss before dinner and, since there were no glaring blemishes to cover up, I completely forgot foundation. Didn’t even notice the difference! Now honestly most days I skip it, apply a little face oil for some shine, or just go with a very light bb cream. My skin is so clear and glowy since I started using this product!

Eczema Cure

Nahla M.

I sit next to a space heater all day in the winter, so my face and arms get super dry and itchy! In a moment of desperation, I rubbed High Society oil on my arms. They immediately stopped itching, the oil locked in moisture, and I have not had a problem with dry skin since!

Vitamin C Fix

Jessie W.

I use it at least once a day, sometimes twice. When I looked at photos of myself from a couple summers ago I realized how dull my skin was looking. I found this cream when I got the sample kit from Eight Saints – I love the texture, not too heavy, not too light. After using this cream for a month I am obsessed! My skin really looks noticeably fresher and brighter. The smell is great too – not a heavy orange peel smell like many vitamin C products. It’s a fresh smell that makes me happy to apply. Though my skin is still not perfect this product has helped A LOT! 

Best Eye Makeup Remover

Laura V.

My friends asked me to join them for drinks after a sweaty workout where my eye makeup was running down my face... waterproof mascara just won’t come off with water! I happened to have the High Society oil in my bag and I used it to wipe around my eyes – wow – it came off SO much better than my current eye make-up remover! I use it on a cotton pad around my eyes and wipe my face to take of extra smudges of makeup while simultaneity moisturizing my face!

Brighter Future

Jenny K.

I started using the Eight Saints Bright Side after I received the sample kit when the line first launched. I grabbed a few samples from the kit and ended up taking the brightening cleanser on a 2 week trip where I was forced to consistently use that one cleanser... unlike my normal grab a makeup wipe and call it a day. The difference was so obvious! Since I was on vacation, I spent extra time leaving the cleanser on my face so the glycolic acid could activate for a couple minutes. This is like 2 products in one – a quick treatment and a cleanser that really goes deep.