Dry vs Dehydrated Skin: What's the Difference?

Dry vs Dehydrated Skin: What's the Difference?

Dry and dehydrated may sound like interchangeable words but in the skincare world they are quite different and usually require different fixes. So here’s how to tell if your skin is dry or dehydrated and tips to help both!

What is Dry Skin?

Dry skin is a skin type – just like oily or combination. This is the skin type you are naturally born with. Having a dry skin type usually means your skin doesn’t produce enough sebum or oil.

This doesn’t just apply to your face. If you have dry skin you will most likely notice it on your body, especially your scalp, hands, and legs. You’ll notice lotion soaks up quickly all over and have probably experienced some cracking, flakiness, or redness throughout the years.

You also might notice a “scaly” look to your skin and could potentially have some skin sensitivities such as psoriasis or eczema.

What Is Dehydrated Skin?

Dehydration is a skin condition and not a skin type. It can actually happen to any skin type, including dry, but is usually (and hopefully) temporary. Dehydrated skin lacks water. Healthy skin should contain around 30% of water, which is essential to ensure your skin stays strong, resilient, and maintains structure.

The lack of water in the skin can actually cause it to compensate by producing more oil. This leads to breakouts, irritation, and dry patches.

Other symptoms of dehydrated skin could be dark circles under the eyes, dullness, itchy skin, and the appearance of more fine lines and wrinkles.

Try the Pinch Test!

Still not sure if you are dealing with dry or dehydrated skin? Let’s try a quick test.
Pinch a small amount of skin on your cheek or the back of your hand and hold it for a few seconds. If your skin snaps back right away, you most likely do not have dehydrated skin. If it takes a few moments to return back to normal your skin is most likely lacking the water it needs.

Treat Your Skin Right

Although the symptoms may sometimes appear similar for dry and dehydrated skin, the needs for these issues are different. An easy way to think of it is that dry skin needs moisture while dehydrated skin needs hydration.

How to Treat Dry Skin 

When trying to moisturize dry skin you want to make sure you are replenishing the lost oils. You’ll want more oil-based and creamy products. Look for products that contain shea butter or jojoba oil. Our High Society Face Oil is the perfect addition for a dry skin routine. It combines jojoba oil, marula oil, and grapeseed oil to restore the skin’s natural barrier.

How to Treat Dehydrated Skin

If you are fighting dehydrated skin, look for water-based products with the all-star ingredient hyaluronic acid. Our Pep Rally Hyaluronic Acid Serum, perfectly melts into the skin to provide a boost of hydration and fight the dull, tired look your skin can get from dehydration.

Another tip for fighting dehydrated skin is to look for all-natural anti-aging products. These are usually packed with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, and aloe. 

Drink Up

Another way to combat dehydrated skin is to stay hydrated yourself! Skin is our largest organ and needs the nutrients water can provide to flourish. However, your water bottle may not be enough to combat dehydrated skin as your body usually hydrates your other organs prior to the skin. Make sure to pair a topical hyaluronic acid treatment with that water bottle to stay hydrated inside and out!

Fighting Dry, and Dehydrated Skin at the Same Time?

Unfortunately, you can have dehydrated skin while also having the dry skin type. But have no fear, we have the perfect product for you! Check out our daily moisturizer, Daydreamer, which contains both hyaluronic acid and cocoa seed butter to both moisturize and hydrate the skin.

The Bottom Line

Whether you have dry skin or are having trouble with dehydrated skin, we are here to help to keep your skin hydrated, moisturized, and youthful with our all natural skincare products. Your skin will develop a healthy glow with the right mix of oils and water.