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10 Ways to Give Yourself Some Love This Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day only a week away, you’ve probably seen a ton of products, blogs, and advertisements about “that special someone” or how to have a romantic holiday. And this is wonderful: showing appreciation for the important people in your life, and celebrating love, are great things.

But, to have any other kind of love thrive, you first need self-love. And Valentine’s Day can be the perfect opportunity to celebrate yourself, too. Here are some ideas.

1.Give Yourself a Little TLC

First, you can enjoy some little “me time” by practicing some serious self-care. We recommend:

  • The ultimate bubble bath, complete some extra luxurious skincare products like a rejuvenating kaolin clay face mask, a whipped body butter, or an exfoliating coconut body scrub (find it all in our Pretty in Pink Valentine’s Day Gift Set).
  • You try out some next-level face tools like a microneedle derma roller, which can reduce fine lines and help all your active ingredients sink in.
  • Get a candle, blanket, and enjoy a sumptuous night to yourself.

2. Splurge On Some Retail Therapy

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Let’s face it: we’ve all been cooped up and feeling less-than-our-best. And months of wearing sweats and going makeup-free can start to feel a little old after awhile. Take this opportunity to enjoy some retail therapy. Whether it’s a nice sweater, something for your home, or some accessories, it can make all the difference on the world.

3. Get Some Pampering

Want to do some self-care that you don’thave to do yourself? Get yourself a:

  • Massage
  • Mani-pedi
  • Massage
  • Blowout

Whatever you do, just try to unwind and let someone else take care of you.

4. Plan An Evening Out With Friends

Sometimes all we need is an evening out with some of our favorite family and friends. If you’re missing out on some social time, plan:

  • A cocktail date
  • A fun tasting dinner
  • A karaoke night
  • A mall date
  • A night out dancing

5. Put Yourself First

Sometimes all you need to do is put yourself first and do whatever you want. No family. No kids. No friends. No responsibilities. No cares.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to take that me timeand do whatever you want. Maybe that means:

  • Turning off your phone and getting off the grid
  • Taking an exercise class by yourself
  • Having a dance party
  • Making a date with Netflix and your favorite show

The point is that you should do you and enjoy whatever you want, no questions asked.

6. Wear An Amazing Outfit

Want to kick up the glamor? Maybe make a date with yourself and take some time to dress to the 9’s. It could be a sparkly dress, a cute top with jeans – even your favorite pair of yoga pants! The point is to wear the best outfit in your eyes so you feel confident, sexy, and ready to take on the world.

7. Be Your Own Valentine

Ready to celebrate the holiday in traditional Valentine’s Day style? Then stop by your favorite chocolate store or flower shop and get yourself some chocolate, flowers, or other Valentine’s treats.

8. Plan A Getaway

getaway valentine's day eight saints

If you really feel like going big, plan a getaway for yourself (and whoever else you want). This can be a staycation, a weekend trip, or something bigger – but spread your wings and have some fun!

9. Work On a Vision Board

One of the best ways to practice self love? Focusing on your future, your vision, and your dreams. Take time to come up with a vision board and manifest what you want in your future. Want more time with friends? A better focus on your health? Progress in your career? Laying it all out there can help you evaluate where you are, manifest, and get things on the right track.

10. Spend Some Time Off The Grid

Having some trouble winding down? Sometimes the best way to really relax is to get off the grid. Turn off your phone, disconnect from the world, and do whatever you want to enjoy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!