Affiliate Program


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Becoming an Eight Saints affiliate partner is easy. When you’re approved through our associated affiliate network you can begin receiving benefits ranging from premium commission rates to tangible rewards.

With the help of our affiliate partner tools you will be granted access to image and text assets for use while promoting Jack Black products on your own website through the great content you already serve. The provided link encoder allows you to convert any links to trackable referral links easily. Finally, you can be rewarded for all that hard work!

At least XX% commission guaranteed for the length of partnership.

  • XX-day cookie duration gives your visitor time to convert.
  • Dedicated in-house team to help you succeed through regular consultations about the direction of the brand, where your audience fits into that plan, and Eight Saints more broadly.
  • Free to join the network and to apply to become a Eight Saints affiliate.

Eight Saints has partnered with a premium affiliate network, so this new partnership begins seamlessly. The XXXXXXX network has been connecting publishers and advertisers for over a decade, and they will provide all the tools you need to become an exclusive Eight Saints partner. Sign up for the XXXXXXX network and start earning revenue for your hard work today!