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Try ourdiscovery kit

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2 Editors,
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We built this line out of a need for clarity in a black hole of product confusion. No fast trends that hype the latest "miracle" ingredients and over complicated buzzy "new technology".

Our team nailed down eight ingredients that offer the majority of the benefits to your skin. All products contain an efficacious amount of one or more of these eight “saints”.

We never use known toxins or controversial synthetics- no part of the supply chain uses animal testing. Ingredients are natural & organic.

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Eczema Cure

Nahla M. Charlotte, NC

I sit next to a space heater all day in the winter, my face and arms get super dry and itchy! In a moment of desperation, I rubbed on High Society oil on my arms & they immediately stopped itching []

Vitamin C Fix

Jessie W. Brooklyn, NY

I use it at least once a day, sometimes twice. When I looked at photos of myself from a couple summers ago I realized how dull my skin was looking. I found this cream when I got the sample kit []

Best eye makeup remover

Laura V. San Diego, CA

My friends wanted to meet up for drinks after a sweaty workout where my eye makeup was running down my face… waterproof mascara just wont come off with water! I happen to have the high []